Never Ever (Lyric Video) – Kristene DiMarco | Where His Light Was

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“Never Ever” by Kristene DiMarco from her new album “Where His Light Was”, available now:
Watch the short film behind the album:

Visit Website:

Connect with Kristene DiMarco:……



20 thoughts on “Never Ever (Lyric Video) – Kristene DiMarco | Where His Light Was

  1. When i’m fragile you’re INVISIBLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Jason Silver schreef:

    I love how relaxed and "chill" this worship song is. Perfect for listening to on a brisk fall evening, with a cup of coffee and a crackling fire place- just to get into an attitude of prayer and adoration.

  3. OMG!!This album is incredible!!

  4. idam ida26 schreef:

    It is a blessing for me,here to Romania. Thank you God!!

  5. This album is so, so powerful. Such amazing lyrics! ?Such a great job.

  6. Julia Hetzel schreef:

    Every song on this album is GOLD

  7. Bexy Evans schreef:

    And I have every reason to trust in Him.

  8. Hillsong John schreef:

    Love this music. Deep voice.

  9. Loren Pulido schreef:

    Versión en Español =

    Espero que les sea de bendición?
    Dios los llene de Paz y Amor y protección.

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