New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle Music Video

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“Bizarre Love Triangle” is a single released in 1986 by New Order. A version is included on their album Brotherhood.

Though generally regarded as one of the group’s best singles, it failed to make the UK Top 40, only reaching #56. It was, however, a surprise hit in Australia, reaching #5 and initiating a string of five consecutive Top 20 hits. In the U.S, the song’s popularity has only climbed steadily since 1986 and it is considered a classic in many circles.

In 2004 the song was ranked #201 in Rolling Stone’s “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”



26 thoughts on “New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle Music Video

  1. jay M schreef:

    I want to go back to 1990

  2. anisha asdollahi schreef:

    electronic music of the 80's , I adore

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  4. Teslux73 schreef:

    Que buena musica tiene los 80's lastima que hay demasiados mainstreams que la conocen por series populares

  5. Bob Langford schreef:

    From Joy Division to New Order… what a journey for those guys. Epically influential

  6. saifulizhan schreef:

    The new romantics they called it. It was so fresh the first time I heard it on the radio. Now every damn song seems the same.

  7. kim drakula schreef:

    This is one of the most perfect songs ever

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  9. Lisa Anna Case schreef:

    Now when I here this song, there’s a special memory that goes with it ??

  10. Fritz Nietzsche schreef:

    It failed to make the Top 40 in UK because Brits are fucking airheads with no taste in anything. Crass bunch of Euro trash.

  11. Miku schreef:


    Atte: Miku – San Juan De Miraflores

  12. Erica Wynn schreef:

    One of my favorites from this underrated,awesome band!

  13. skypers3 schreef:

    Cant believe i heard this on the radio at work!! hell yes

  14. daredeviljj schreef:

    I don't know but i think a lot of people in the 80s maybe got HIV while were having sex without condom listening to this song.

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