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Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria) Eurovision 2017 – Official Lyric Video
maart 13, 2017
Lyrics + Vietsub || Sakura Hitohira – Cánh hoa anh đào _ Mitani Nana
maart 15, 2017
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If you didn’t already know, I attempted this video before, with the audio from the opera boss trailer from last year or so, the audio on that trailer was vastly inferior to that of the game’s final version, so here I am updating it. Gameplay footage was recorded by myself.

The text at the top of the screen is written in “Celestial” or “Angelic” script, not completely accurate, I only put it in for the Aesthetic bonus.
You can learn more about celestial script here:

These lyrics aren’t at all official, just a fan transcription, feel free to use them in any covers or anything you plan on doing, and whilst I’m not going to hunt you down for not crediting, it would be appreciated if you could link to this video.

The language sung in many NieR tracks, (Excluding ashes of dreams and The weight of the world) is not a proper spoken language, and is actually a mish mash of several real world languages to create a fictional portrayal of the language drift between today and the game(s) setting.

You can find my less accurate original here:


Imsemne ho gresi hjaltär
Renta rura vresti lupre

– Verse 1
Syaltha savlejum petchouli
Pyala tortelru sprei yalhai
Merwi struberun marftür
Milfrin tro mildwan dracht nien

– Verse 2
Whesal elsï
Wehsi menzal
Wehsï wehso ür au re
Enhi gezdal
Yensta melsa
Werseren nahri sa tör

– Verse 3
Nehzï tolwe wro
Zi zïze he reä
Gyalge toze ne ma meete
La drïte re ze

– Verse 4
Eh ulmen asa wa rare
Bumba etwüre borë
Ulman azewa dae ïrze