Nightcore ⇢ Future Me (Lyrics)

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➤Future Me by Echosmith
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45 thoughts on “Nightcore ⇢ Future Me (Lyrics)

  1. Morgan Lemons schreef:

    I wonder where I'll be in the future

  2. Koko Lee schreef:

    My love My life My shortly my life

  3. Sylvoetta chan schreef:

    Tell you the truth I feel scared about the future, seriously I believe vending machines will one day take over the world with all this technology!!!

  4. Scared for future? I am to. But don't worry. It will be great. Subscribe to me

  5. laura van gijn schreef:

    i love the pic and the song

  6. Howling Wolf schreef:

    It is awesome !! I love this song and the picture. I wonder how I would be like in the future ???

  7. Mirikuta schreef:

    Congrats on 5K+ subscribers! ???

  8. Satan Is Here! schreef:

    Only thing I see in the future is more sadness..

  9. Midlane Best schreef:

    Tomorrow I will change myself to be a great person

    Maybe never ._.

  10. flcalinog1 schreef:

    Omg you did such an amazing job!!! This is magnificent!! 100/10 <33 you are amazingly talented!!!

  11. Smartie minion schreef:

    nice video! i love the song

  12. nada Ahmed schreef:

    U made a terrific job❤ well we dont know where we gonna be tomorrow but I hope it's gonna good future coz this song made me so happy coz I have exams and I want to be a doctor so I hope my future gonna be great

  13. Magic Nightcore schreef:

    Right Now!
    I'm already who I wanna be

  14. SolchicaMSP schreef:


  15. I'm not already who I want to be tomorrow, I hate who I am. it's a good song but I like music with relatable lyrics, and I can't relate. at least it's catchy and cheerful

  16. Emily Calp schreef:

    wow i really like this song

  17. Ryoko schreef:

    Thirty years from now, it won't matter your popularity, the jeans you wore, or how many parties you were invited to. What matter is your dedication, your grades (sadly) and your decisions.

  18. IHeart Chloe schreef:

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤????????????

  19. GamingWarrior550 schreef:

    i just saw a pic that looked like tiga aisaka from toradora and i had to watch it (plz reply if it is Tiga)

  20. Sweetie Pie schreef:

    I don't wanna sound like a scaredy cat, but… I'm fricking scared of the future… like… what has our generation turned this place into? what will it be?

  21. There's something bad about this…
    The Bad thing is that the song 'ended'
    Great choice for the pictures too!
    Liked this video and +1 Subscriber!

  22. Beter bed schreef:

    nice vid 😀

    Could you do anima libera? :))

  23. Paige Gillespie schreef:

    I just heard this song and I love it I am all ready who I wanna be tommorrow

  24. Imogen Corry schreef:

    future me will be awesome and maybe will find love<3

  25. How do you not have like a million subs by now?

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