Nightcore – Another Empty Bottle (Lyrics)

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▸Artist: Katy McAllister
▸Song: Another Empty Bottle
▸Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Pop


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▸Ib (Mary)


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40 thoughts on “Nightcore – Another Empty Bottle (Lyrics)

  1. Harleyquin _ schreef:

    IS that Mary from the RPG horror game ib???

  2. Emily Auditori schreef:

    Completely and utterly in love with this channel

  3. fre sha vo ca do schreef:

    This is amazing <3

    Even thoug I cried in school while listening to this

  4. BEASTS BEATS schreef:

    Will anyone notice me ;-;

  5. Emma Ella schreef:

    Oh my Gosh ITS MARY FROM IB…..really suits it

  6. Auraa Arlert schreef:

    Im sure thats Mary from Ib
    I love that game s o m u c h

  7. Mystic Arts schreef:

    IS THAT MARY???????? From IB??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! noooooooooo so sad. <3

  8. CraftyRayRay .B schreef:

    Check this joke..

    Read more

  9. Madison Huynh schreef:

    I wish this music was on Spotify!

  10. ImRuzii schreef:

    These songs remeber me I got a fuckin bad life…
    But i love these songs.

  11. Kittycat Forever schreef:

    She looks like Star butterfly

  12. Kittycat Forever schreef:

    Can you doca nightcore Of not another song about love!

  13. CrazyCatLady schreef:

    That was me just not with the caving roof.

  14. itspuppetgirl ! schreef:

    love your work keep it up <3

    this happened to me :'( but the mother is me :'(

  15. This song touched my heart cause it's like my life

  16. 薰奇Vinchy schreef:

    Finally youtube recommends me something actually good

  17. Leslie Santos schreef:

    OMG.. This is my life! Soo me!! T^T Great song keep it up! I really love your works!! <3 <3

  18. Niki W schreef:

    I listin to njghtcore when I'm doing my homework or playing a game

  19. Ummm is it just me, or does it look like Star Butterfly for the show Star Vs The Forces Of Evil??

  20. Indi VD schreef:

    This is so beautiful :3 it's a sad song but it makes me happy I don't know why

  21. Krystine Lamas schreef:

    I need help anyone got advice because I feel worthless, fat and ugly I feel unwanted and I suffer from depression I feel like I should die help

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