Nightcore – Broken Glass – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: Broken Glass
✪ Original Artist(s): Rachel Platten

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• Artist: 時々
• Anime: Original artwork

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44 thoughts on “Nightcore – Broken Glass – (Lyrics)

  1. Kat Cake schreef:


  2. Music AM4U schreef:

    Hi, im from vn, i love u

  3. foxsaber schreef:

    I still got knives in my back so what?

  4. Woah, you're on a roll of nice songs! Love them all! 😀

  5. Marie Robertson schreef:

    I am going to dance on broken glass ?

  6. Marie Robertson schreef:

    Thank you for putting in my picture it means so much to me

  7. Bloom 90912 schreef:

    Found my new favo song.. not that my neighbours or family likes it… it's on 24/7 on the highest sound possible the house shakes XD

  8. Shadow Candy schreef:

    Nightcore is always my taste on music xD

  9. Kat !!! schreef:

    Try dance on Lego XD

  10. blazethecat schreef:

    No feet were hurt in the making of this song

  11. I can't stop listening to this amazing song and I really love it❤️❤️❤️

  12. Redxkiller458 schreef:


  13. People who dislike this,

    I think you me Dis-I-Like! ??

  14. Rawr schreef:

    My phone is broken glass cause I got too excited when I heard this song. >w< <3

  15. Natalie Lusk schreef:

    I'm gonna dance on broken glass and imma make that celing crash

  16. Natalie Lusk schreef:

    I love the image of the anime girl she soooooo cute

  17. June Carlstrom schreef:

    (Realizes that this fits me so well) I don't like the song but i can relate so much?

  18. Galaxy Girl schreef:

    In SAO who's your favorite girl for kirito asuna or sinon?

  19. Madison schreef:

    All your updates are amazing! I love you so much keep the amazing work up☺️❤️

  20. KingGamer777 schreef:

    is it weird that i picture this girl doing the irish jig on glass when she says "I'm going to dance on broken glass!"?

  21. Luna Chan schreef:

    help me loop button is broken

  22. This is awesome!!! And my new favorite song. I've repeated it at least 6 times. XD

  23. Valid Matuev schreef:

    I ca not find and dowload this song ?

  24. 707 arc schreef:

    Cause you know I got my butter

  25. Snow O'brien schreef:

    People, do not dance on broken glass!!! trust me it won't end well •-•

  26. flowerfell Frisk schreef:

    I bet you all my heart, soul, and 2 million dollars that Sinon won't Pin this.

  27. Although you're shattered and cut my finger in bleed, I'll still protect you coz you're fragile^

  28. ming xiao schreef:

    WHOA man you got 4,100 likes in just two days!!!!!! That's LEGIT!!!!

  29. ѕнιяσ schreef:

    This was awesome ❤️

  30. Imogen Corry schreef:

    my compter sreen in broken because I step on it ( don't ask) #BROKENGLASS

  31. Nightcore Freak schreef:

    I know what are you doing?

    You are reading comments
    Liking it
    Thinking about it

  32. megan smith schreef:

    Does anyone else relate to all these nightcore songs or is it just me ??

  33. I always listen too nightcore when i am drawing and almost every time i look who posted it it is sinon
    I have subscribed you have always good music ! 😀
    Keep it up 🙂

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