Nightcore – Dont Deserve You – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: Dont Deserve You
✪ Original Artist(s): Plumb

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47 thoughts on “Nightcore – Dont Deserve You – (Lyrics)

  1. How do all the nightcore channels know each other?

  2. Accalia Mazar schreef:

    this song was so beautiful!!!! I loved it so much ^-^ ahhh why can I relate to so many songs ;-; I love the background its very beautiful, hehehehe this song describes my best friend and I ^^' keep it up Sinon and have a FANTASTIC day 😀 <3

  3. Lauren Mac schreef:

    Please please please please Nightcore My Side by Laurdiy and Alex Wassabi please please

  4. Justin Morgan schreef:

    i can relate to mutch to this song

  5. Justin Morgan schreef:

    rumple and belle from once upon a time

  6. Akeshu fanfictions in a nutshell:

  7. FuzzyHusky schreef:

    This is one of my favorite songs.. thanks so much for making a nightcore of it?

  8. Mckale Bigornia schreef:

    U deserve my love because u were loyal and true to your feelings to me

  9. stephanie hill schreef:

    whaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!  no no no……you and wolfie are perfect you two deserve each other love

  10. Cat lover2015 schreef:

    I fell in love with this song?

  11. Daiki - schreef:

    This Is Too Good ❤

  12. YoSquid/Sacsquid schreef:

    I don't deserve anyone. Love the song btw

  13. " I don't deserve my depression, but I deserve to listen to Sinon. I don't deserve my crush, but I deserve to be picked up and carried away… where I can listen to this nightcore forever, and ever, and ever."

  14. Kei Kurosaki schreef:

    You deserve with wolfie sinon

  15. sakurai kun schreef:

    nice song, I also make nightcore, please go to my channel

  16. Who loved this song before Sinon made it into a nightcore?

  17. I don't think I deserve my bf & he does the same thing.

  18. Jarvina Gamer schreef:

    You don't deserve any girl except for #Wolfie

  19. Tessa Indigo schreef:

    I think this is a Christian song but I actually think it would work better as a love song so (btw LIVE FOR YOUR NIGHTCORE SINON!!!!!! ❤️❤️?)

  20. Eskimolz schreef:

    Hit right in the feels….Who else is a hopeless romantic??

  21. Cuong Quoc schreef:

    I wish i would find someone like that

  22. Shania Turner schreef:

    Not everyone knows that this is a Christian song and that the singer is talking about God's faithfulness.

  23. The daily Mango schreef:

    You know who deserves love live this


  24. Asija Brekalo schreef:

    that one time when u miss the hand in da corner…

  25. Love Christian music, thanks!

  26. Gir SunFlower schreef:

    I have heard this song before its actually a christian song I'm a Christian

  27. Kurumi tokisaki schreef:

    *Looks at a donut after failing a test* "I don't deserve you!" T^T

  28. Aimee Houston schreef:

    This song make me know how much I don't deserve my bf :'(

  29. Jake Bundy schreef:

    While I'm willing to bet most of you thought of a girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend, the only two people I thought about…were my parents. They're always there, ready to love, forgive, protect and support us. They gave us life and eternal love, and what do we give back to them? We are there world, even after we took there world from them. So let me ask you something now. How often do you talk to your parents and tell them how much they mean to you? How often do you say "Thank you for everything you've ever done for me"? Call them right now and talk to them. Tell them that you love them, because someday, you won't have the option.

  30. Star fighter schreef:

    this song… me ^^
    twoard's my bf nick
    and…….my friends ^^…

  31. TheKlgo schreef:

    vampire diaries any1 lol

  32. Mae Santos schreef:

    Love the:
    Umm pretty much everything about it…
    (Inside me)-hmm did I miss something……oh that's it it's you what I love the most ?
    Hope you have a nice day

  33. davi lopes schreef:



  34. Ayaka schreef:

    Don't you ever say that -_-

    You and Wolfie will always deserve each other!!!!!

  35. Chelz schreef:

    / ♥
    Just gonna put that there and go

  36. Alexis Batchelor schreef:

    I don't deserve anyone's love bc I'm a……………….. worthless little girl that will be for ever alone

  37. Markiplier 0.3 schreef:

    An angel is crying


  38. I don't deserve nobody. nobody wants me in this world

  39. ming xiao schreef:


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