Nightcore – Ghosts – (Lyrics)

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● Song: Jacob Tillberg – Ghosts
● Genre: Future House

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© Artwork by しぴー
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47 thoughts on “Nightcore – Ghosts – (Lyrics)

  1. Syrex schreef:

    Today I want to share a new song I like with you all 🙂
    It's upped on my friend's channel, Distraction EDM:
    It's not nightcore but i hope you like it as much as i do, have a nice day everyone <3

  2. CRAZY PT schreef:

    Wow this music Is awesome
    Is it ok that i believe in ghosts?
    Well Great job syrex <3

  3. Julieta Ochoa schreef:

    Muy buena me gustó mucho y Gual que tus otros vídeos ???

  4. CBS Me Like se lo merece lo bueno que me suscribi este canal lo bueno y sigue así

  5. nabeel zahid schreef:

    Is that ahri love it with purple guys also music too

  6. Javier Castillo schreef:

    That is yumiko from brawlhalla

  7. TheVicBro schreef:

    Ahriii~ This picture is so kawaii, just like Syrex! ♥️♥️♥️

  8. VoxityRecords schreef:

    Wooaah !! This track is small old but always good !!

  9. Anime Life schreef:

    Does anyone else think that girl in the pic looks like Ninetales but with only 5 tails? I also see a NEKO!!!!!! ❤️???❤️

  10. Bright Darkness schreef:

    Damn, you really made a masterpiece this time.

  11. Krasipol schreef:

    i liked your old visualizer way more!

  12. NC World schreef:

    hello:) i just made a new nightcore channel and would be really happy if you gonna visit it

  13. Aneko Hatsune schreef:

    Ghosts Don't believe in them but i do believe that this song is awesome and you too ;3

  14. Artist Yoyo schreef:

    I don't believe in ghosts, but someone keeps hitting my replay button…

  15. TheTRexGaming schreef:

    I must be dreaming, syrex made a fantastic song that can't get my ratings right. Seriously, it broke due to the greatness

  16. TheTRexGaming schreef:

    Is this a Pacman thing, cuz this would be great

  17. ผมเป็นคนไทยแต่ว่าผมชอบเพลงของคุณมากๆเละน่ะ

  18. Hi. May I ask what anime is in your profile picture? Thank you ?

  19. Nightcored May schreef:

    Ara~ i was wondering when you gonna update~ smirks
    Glad to know ya still alive Sammy '^'
    <~~~~~ May
    Btw, the Nightcore is awesome as always

  20. FireBlade 020 schreef:


  21. Acronym0 schreef:

    Ghosts and fall makes inly one thing: HALLOWEEN

  22. Sylvis Moon schreef:

    I love it! This is surprisingly good to listen to when not doing homewo-I mean playing gaming hehe hehe he

  23. Breakerz Edge schreef:

    I remember Jacob made some hardstyle back in the day.
    Maybe another Hardstyle track on thiz channel?

  24. Reyna Nightcore schreef:

    love it like always Syrex <33

  25. Royer9745 schreef:

    Great song please make more your the best I love your songs

  26. KON_ Daniel schreef:

    First things that comes in my mind when I saw the picture is Ahri from League of Legends

  27. 이진우 schreef:

    is that ahri in reimu`s costume lol

  28. [Channel Name] schreef:

    If anyone was wondering the line "I must be dreaming cause I don't believe in ghosts" is just a different way of saying you're dead to me

    And you clicked read more, I have faith in you rebel ??

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