Nightcore – I Don’t Wanna Love You || Lyrics

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• Prince Fox ft. Melody Noel – I Don’t Wanna Love You
• Lyrics in video

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32 thoughts on “Nightcore – I Don’t Wanna Love You || Lyrics

  1. MarMarChan schreef:

    Sorry that this video isn't available on some devices again :c
    If you haven't already, join my Discord server ^•^

  2. •Aiko Chan• schreef:

    Wonderful job as always ♥

  3. I LUV this! Could I use it for my Nightcore? It would be great if I could! And can u do Gibberish by MAX (Feat. Hoodie Allen) plz?

  4. Hyphen2829 schreef:

    You may upload less but by god are your songs good.
    You got an extremely high reputation in my mind.
    Just as another channel tries to take your #1 spot you come in with this song and wipe it away

  5. Shiro schreef:

    But……. I still wanna love you (´ε` )♡

  6. Slushymoo gaming schreef:

    omg nice song it match with the picture

  7. Night Wolf schreef:

    Yay I'm early!!!! Awesome job

  8. Maxine Senpai schreef:

    Lol this song is like a response song to the song "let me love you"

  9. Amazing song love the picture

  10. Reyna Nightcore schreef:

    I really hate my mobil phone for this 🙁

  11. Akua schreef:

    Love thissssss! <3 The picture is also really cute :3 <33

  12. Late again, But another amazing song Mar, Keep up the good work, You'll be at 30k before you know it if you keep good songs like this coming, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!! ♥♥

  13. Can't watch viiiiiiiiiid. ?????????????????

  14. Valerie Cheng schreef:

    Is dis a anime?
    I love your channel!!!!


  16. Karissa Le schreef:

    cool vid X3 stay awesome

  17. Mahea Dano schreef:

    I Wanna S-S-Subscribe
    Oh wait.
    I am already

  18. Sans - Sational schreef:

    I'm early!

    But nobody cared.

  19. Rizal Ghofar schreef:

    Why i can't play this videos????.

  20. No0dle schreef:

    Can you Maybe make a Nightcore version Of You're gonna Live forever in me By John Mayer?

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