Nightcore – I’m Not Her – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: I’m Not Her
✪ Original Artist(s): Julia Brennan

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• Artist: キンタ
• Anime: Hibike Euphonium

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37 thoughts on “Nightcore – I’m Not Her – (Lyrics)

  1. Night Shadowcx schreef:

    I hate how I feel like this girl but the way she described 'her' is a lot like me…

  2. Moosetracklover schreef:

    this was made on my birthday in this pretty much sums up my life except i don't love anyone because i don't want to hurt later.
    what a coincident

  3. omg the start of the song when she starts singing killed me i LOVE THIS SONG holy chickens just killed my heart!

  4. Gummy Gumdrops schreef:

    I really like this song my friend sent me it so ya

  5. neko _wolfie schreef:

    "I am not worth it at all , I'm not skinny , I don't have dimples , and I'm not wanted , but I am unique and I laugh at the bitches who are normal , I'm not all that , but I'm perfectly imperfect that's what matters"????????❤❤

  6. GalaxyOwl :3 schreef:

    Well that me…The girl no one wants. ? hmmm ? well one day someone will notice me! And they will be my Senpai!

  7. MusiCattMew Skit schreef:

    This is how i feel when i see a vanilla cupcake bu wanted a chocolate one (Vanilla cupcake: Why u no wat meh)

  8. Please Simon please do a 1 hour version I love it I want to listen for an hour please

  9. Lightning Wolf schreef:

    Ok this song needs something
    You are perfect just the way you are don't be so jealous about that girl just be yourself your perfect everyone is perfect


  10. EnderQueen0485 _ schreef:

    the fact that im supposed to be studying makes me realize your nightcore is waaaay amazing. (and i love studying)

  11. Squama Squshies schreef:

    Stares at the picture Uhhh…. Blue eyes….? Mhm… Totally…

  12. Laura DeClue schreef:

    I'm in an amazing relationship that I LOVE yet I relate to this. Anyone else like me?

  13. Funny thing. I'm the brown haired girl and my friend is the girl with blue eyes. This song can relate to me 🙂

  14. Tyler3084 schreef:

    white privlehe
    i can spell for shit

  15. This video: story of my life

  16. Man…this hits home. The guy I like will never see me as more than a friend. He likes pretty, curvy girls, and I'm the opposite. The last girl he liked was the opposite of me. She's short, I'm relatively tall. She's curvy/"thicc" and im skinny and flatchested. She has a cute, small round nose and mine is super long and pointy. I'm always going to be the opposite of "her". I know I can't change my looks but like the girl in this song says …it's frustrating that I can't be "her".

  17. Natalie Mae schreef:

    Im gonna use this song for a song lyric prank! XD

  18. Jane Louren schreef:

    I like it ❤️ amazing

  19. elliot par schreef:

    I only sub to a few nightcore channels and ive heard some you've posted before but this one did it you got my sub

  20. I love this song and all, but am I the only one who fits the description of the girl that the guy that she likes likes?

    Just me? K.

  21. Mr Potato schreef:

    Most people in the comments saying that they relate to the song is it weird that i don't?

  22. Teym Sawi schreef:

    HIBIKE EUPHONIUM ?????????????????

  23. Mimi Chan schreef:

    i accidently cry by thinking bout' my boyfriend

  24. Kyoko Sakuraو schreef:

    Wow great video ?
    If u know the anime please tell me ??

  25. Kohana Heart schreef:

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️cute voice and sinon is amazing

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