Nightcore – In My Mind (Remix) – (Lyrics)

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● Song: Maty Noyes – In My Mind (tofû remix)
● Genre: Future Bass

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48 thoughts on “Nightcore – In My Mind (Remix) – (Lyrics)

  1. Anime Life schreef:

    ❤️ Guess what's in my mind, Syrex's awesome uploads! ❤️

  2. Elsa Cortes schreef:

    The pic and the song are awesome!!!!❤️?⭐️❤️?⭐️❤️?⭐️❤️?⭐️

  3. nabeel zahid schreef:

    In my mind in my head this is where people says cool awesome epic music sure made

  4. Aneko Hatsune schreef:

    Syrex your nightcore is always In my mind because its always stuck because on how awesome it is ;3

  5. MR Tatsuchi schreef:

    Another great, god damm song buy Syrex. i wish more people could see your work and how beautiful your songs are.
    I LOVE U SYREX.!!!!!!!!!!! (/*-*)/ raise your hands in the air like you just dont care! <3<3

  6. Amazing!! Just asking, is this picture from an anime? If it is, anyone, please tell me.

  7. Lin Liu schreef:

    ( ̄∇ ̄)( ̄∇ ̄)

  8. Future Bass increíblemente genial pero si fuera Future Hard seria épico ^-^

  9. TheTRexGaming schreef:

    Your songs are in my mind syrex.


  10. Primal schreef:

    When I heard:
    I know that I could be with any other man
    But none of them can do it quite the way you can

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. Darry Rin schreef:

    Hi, i just Subscribe. Nice Video Syrex! 🙂

  12. Pixl schreef:

    120th, runnin my way to 1st!

  13. dain terry schreef:

    im a little late on this felt like a little nightcore fix and seen this was newish

  14. Wolf Pack schreef:

    In my mind was homework and tried to forget it

  15. Questohr schreef:

    love your nightcore `s <3

  16. Code Empress schreef:

    another amazing song x.x ill never make the competition for first comment thanks to school

  17. Code Empress schreef:

    this is time 24 listening to this song but i cant seem to stop clicking replay

  18. Not so thug life schreef:

    This my fav song…listen 24/4

  19. Justin Frank schreef:

    could some one please name me a good anime

  20. Maravilloso 4878 schreef:

    Normal is meh , remix , meh Nightcore+remix : WOAAHH I <3 this song

  21. Irma Ferreira schreef:

    Syro nightcore your rite

  22. gvaninaf schreef:

    Your songs are the best. <3

  23. This song is just amazing ! Good Job 😀

  24. leshea jenkins schreef:

    nightcore is the best and oh and keep up the good work *puts thumbs up * 🙂

  25. Rea1iTy schreef:

    Hong Kong audience here

  26. Crazy Cat2545 schreef:

    How come there arent over a few hundred thousand views and a giant sea of comments??? This song i awesome btw

  27. Luna Tsukoyomi schreef:

    I like the song! And the picture goes really well with the music! ^-^

  28. Play Game schreef:

    I from Russia)… Syrex, отличная музыка, удачи тебе! Продвигай свой канал и набери 1 миллион подписчиков)))Kawaii (ахах)

  29. Dante Jackson schreef:

    For me NightcoreLounge is still my favorite. But hey your in my top ten.

  30. buen video espero que sigas así 😉

  31. Loost Tv schreef:

    Come and see the amv I made of league of legends with world music
    Only enter the channel this first

  32. i love it! i do nightcore too but my channel isn't really big… Thanks for this

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