Nightcore – Into The Wild – (Lyrics)

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● Song: Kovan & Alex Skrindo – Into The Wild (feat. Izzy)
● Label: NCS

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▶️ Kovan

▶️ Alex Skrindo

Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.


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© Artwork by にゅむ@1日目C-14a
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25 thoughts on “Nightcore – Into The Wild – (Lyrics)

  1. Alex Dobro schreef:

    This song made me run Into The Wild

  2. Distraction EDM schreef:

    so melodic and nice ^~^ loving the happy vibes which Alex never fails to bring 🙂

  3. Anime Life schreef:

    I shall go into the wild to search for Syrex! ❤️???❤️

  4. Raiden schreef:

    That moment when you wake up at 4 pm.. my sleep schedule is a joke. xD If I went into the wild I wouldn't be able to listen to this! D: (Sorry that was the best I could think of.. lol)

  5. Phoenix God schreef:

    at first i read breath of the wild :p

  6. Kenneth Doan schreef:

    I really want a radio still!

  7. Amazing. ♪(^∇^*)❤️❤️❤️

  8. Distant EDM schreef:

    I Had To GO Into The Wild TO Find This Nightcore <3

  9. I'm watching this nightcore at 9999 views ^o^

  10. You deserves like 1 milion subscribers!!!

  11. Kuro Itami schreef:

    She reminds me of a certain demon from a certain Onsen manga…

  12. Mystyflo schreef:

    When I saw this title, I instantly thought of Warrior Cats. Anyone else? :3

  13. raymond driscoll schreef:

    this new nightcore NCS music is awesome , tnx syrex

  14. Spark Agar schreef:

    Alex Skrindoやっぱり最高過ぎる!!!
    Alex Skrindo is one of the best EDM creators!!!!

  15. DTK Symmetry schreef:

    8 people must have had their screens upside down. Wait, 8? 8! <3

    BTW, great job Syrex! You legend!

  16. Jennybear 3025 schreef:

    Replay. Replay. Replay. Replay. Replay. Replay? Huh. Oh the app crashed ?

  17. Gremlinsss schreef:

    Very good song again.

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