Nightcore – Maps (Lyrics)

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▸Artist: Maroon 5 (Cover by Madilyn Bailey)
▸Song: Maps
▸Genre: Pop


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46 thoughts on “Nightcore – Maps (Lyrics)

  1. Hiluxx Imo schreef:

    I miss the taste of the sweeter life> <

  2. Linda Salter schreef:

    But I wonder where were you when I was at my worst down on my knees( no seriously where was this channel ps. You have +1 subscribers now)

  3. Endersoul 15 schreef:

    Hello!! I just subscribed to your channel!! I love all of your nightcore's!!! I look forward to more!!

  4. Accalia Mazar schreef:

    I love this song so much, its one of my favorites, the song is so beautiful, I love the background <3

  5. Gabriel Calderon schreef:

    ??? this a lit song, good job on it.

  6. Tram Ngo schreef:

    ι ωαѕ тнєяє fσя ¢нυ χ∂

  7. Bri schreef:

    I needed this. ♥️

  8. itspuppetgirl ! schreef:

    this happened to me I had a friend that I was there for but when I was in pain they just stared and walked away like I wasn't there…. and yet I still tried to make them see

  9. Fell sans schreef:

    I had my volume on full and this song just fu©king blasts my ears out!!

  10. Well Fried schreef:

    Whats the song and anime?

  11. Malis Selamat schreef:

    Cute dog…

    What? You guys thought it too.

  12. idunn oak schreef:

    Hi can u Make a switching voice or something whit the song soap???

  13. •Yam Louis• schreef:

    Im earlyyyy for the first tiiiiiiiime

    Nah im not.

  14. L Lawliet schreef:

    Please do Daniel Caesar – Best Part (feat. H.E.R.) it's such an underrated song but.. it's so good…

  15. Miyuki Izaya schreef:

    Perfect ;3
    Goodjob Nightcore's slave ^^

  16. WolfiePawZ schreef:

    New sub from me 4 you!!!<3

  17. Anny Chan schreef:

    Love this song and the voice

  18. Maple1253 schreef:

    The moment the video started, I couldn't stop listening.

  19. xTsunamiii Chan schreef:

    I Love This Song~

    And you made it 100% better!
    Thank You Gina!

  20. Nize cover of Maps :3 I really likes ur vids <3

  21. Kenzrocks 47 schreef:

    I love this female cover. It just has so much emotion.

  22. marwa marwa schreef:

    Good job i like this song ??

  23. Miss. Pineapple schreef:

    I need a map to get out of YouTube… this is the third day, I'm my room, with chips, and a anime pillow..

  24. Onida schreef:

    can someone explain to me what nightcore music is ?

  25. Coffee_Bean 890 schreef:

    Wow this is beautiful keep up the great work

  26. Max AT schreef:

    Was ein tolles Video ?

  27. Pink unicorn schreef:

    i cant use map but i can use GPS B-)

  28. Unknown [] schreef:

    Sounds like madilyn bailey

  29. Antonio Gabriel schreef:

    This song is like me finding my phone

  30. autumn greenough schreef:

    uhm I think I need a map…

    I'm getting lost in these cute comments!…

  31. Nurnabila Najwa schreef:

    who know MAPS to anime world ????

  32. Roblox tw456 schreef:

    I wanted google maps but this is ok.

  33. Lostly Cold schreef:

    Honestly I love this song.

  34. nightcore 4ever schreef:

    Who needs a map when i got this nightcore map?!:)

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