Nightcore – Mortals (Remix) – (Lyrics)

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● Song: Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) (ELPORT remix)
● Genre: Future Bass

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▶️ Laura Brehm


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© Artwork by saberiii
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43 thoughts on “Nightcore – Mortals (Remix) – (Lyrics)

  1. Alex Dobro schreef:

    Hey, that's pretty good

  2. Jose Zatan schreef:

    Agan electro sobre sus canciones estas

  3. MR Tatsuchi schreef:

    The colours the song, everything about this song is amazing. This should be in top 10 Syrex songs, loved it.
    (^-^) love u Syrex u make me happy!<3

  4. Ze Stug schreef:

    This is one of my favourite songs and this remix is perfect with the nightcore 🙂
    and fate i forgot to say that fate is one of my favourite anime too… i can not like this video

  5. Lunare schreef:

    Such a cool song and the spectrum and charachter look so awesome!
    love you syrex <3

  6. FiksonsPL schreef:

    Some times im looking on pixiv imgur facebook and other apps because i looking for the anime with that girl on this pic. Can u tell me from what anime is this?

    Ps : u doing the best content

  7. marconater100 schreef:

    Im late im so sorry please forgive me 🙁 (such an good nightcore again :D)

  8. WhiteShadow2355 schreef:

    There's been at least a dozen uploads with that girl in it.
    I really need to watch Fate Grand Order now

  9. Die Erbse schreef:

    Awesome work.
    Thank you.

  10. Elsa Cortes schreef:

    I'm not mortal and I'm not inmortal then….WHAT AM I?!?!
    Jk love the song Syrex

  11. JFelix schreef:

    So amazing i love it <3

  12. Anime Life schreef:

    Every mortal out there shall luv Syrex's Music! <333

  13. tony gao schreef:

    awsome song and cool pic love this

  14. VoxityRecords schreef:


  15. Aneko Hatsune schreef:

    Every Mortals love senpai syrex's nightcore ;3 im one of them also the pic with that color of the spectrum is awesome O_o

  16. Code Empress schreef:

    nicuuuuuu syrex you will become a nightcore legend

  17. Sr.Light schreef:

    VERI GUDI (very good)

  18. El General schreef:

    This is what true music sounds like !!!

  19. khamphad lee schreef:

    Montage time plays video games 10 hours straight

  20. Osiris Garcia schreef:

    Today's my birthday thank you for giving us your wonderful music

  21. xDthis is very" Amazing , Nice Combination Song xD , Background and spectrum This is Song make me Fell love This NightCore Song 😀 i wait You next Video , i support You Channel xD , Note: Let me XD download You Song For my channel xD

  22. Florent schreef:

    Can you do Zayn – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia? Please <3

  23. Cookiem0sta schreef:

    Can any fellow Fate fan explain to me why I see a lot of fan pics of Alter Jeanne and F/Z Caster?

  24. Kotonoha Katsura schreef:

    Nice syrex…but i wait of nightstep with femal voice♡

  25. I Like .you place sub channel of I

  26. Crazy Cat2545 schreef:


  27. sreya deb schreef:

    i think i have become immortal hearing this nightcore woooooooooooooow

  28. Ruski Maciek schreef:

    The drop is very emotional and calm. I love it!

  29. Osman Gutierrez schreef:

    always has to sound the same music since it only gained the sound or the background but the letter is the same

  30. Soundsky schreef:

    damn this picture, even the font fits!! <3

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