Nightcore – My Radio – (Lyrics)

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Nightcore – Empyre One And Enerdizer – My Radio (Phillerz Radio Edit)
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➥ Nightcore → My Radio – (Lyrics)
➥ Genre: Hands Up
➥ Original Title: Empyre One And Enerdizer – My Radio (Phillerz Radio Edit)
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➥ Picture:
➥ Artist (artwork): let me know if you know the artist.

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I don’t own anything in the video, including the audio and picture.
The credits go to the respective owners. I’ve just ”nightcored” the song,
which means i pitched it up and sped it up. If you are the owner of the song
please send me an email on this mail address and i will remove the song:




42 thoughts on “Nightcore – My Radio – (Lyrics)

  1. robin naafs schreef:

    This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this song!! =3 ♡♥♡♥

  3. Kanna Kamui schreef:

    I will never get over that gif

  4. Natalia Kamelek schreef:

    Rip replay button. But i haven't radio

  5. William Kessler schreef:

    i like this song original version
    My Radio – Phillerz Radio Remix

  6. Yak Nassiri schreef:

    Me ha encantado muchu y mucho más que mucho Gracias ????

  7. Tabby gamer schreef:

    I'd be so grateful if you did a nightcore of Star of the show by GHOST! (Vocaloid)
    It's okay if you don't though but keep up with the brilliant work!

  8. Killeur 757 schreef:

    This is FUKING so good ( !¬!)

  9. Aurorya schreef:

    One of my favorites songs ever !

  10. seppe sterckx schreef:

    ya should open a forum to let everbody post rem gif's in higher quality/fps

  11. Cookie Hart schreef:

    Im listening this at school :3 awesome!!!!~ ♡

  12. NightcoreFirex schreef:

    love is my radio and my radio playes mostly love

  13. Yu-Gi-Oh Squads schreef:

    What happen to your 2 channel nepgear music

  14. Klisco Gamer schreef:

    Awesome you are cool!! Like

  15. Nαgisa Kirisaki schreef:

    Godamn I am late because of my Connection ;-; Nice Nightcore BTW 😀

  16. Giang Ecchi schreef:

    Can You Subscribe For My Chanel Please ?

  17. kevin do schreef:

    Nightcore is my radio

  18. PsychoHand HD schreef:

    Can I have your music for my stream's ???

  19. kage neko schreef:

    this song is meh life :3 btw great job! love this x)

  20. Cuong Quoc schreef:

    My love is nightcore ~~~~

  21. Justin Frank schreef:

    could some one please name me a good anime

  22. FLAMEDROPER D schreef:

    and all I need,
    to make my day complete,
    It's the perfect song,
    with ear raping bass drops
    that will blow out my speakers

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