Nightcore – New Rules (Piano Version) – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: New Rules
✪ Original Artist(s): Dua Lipa
✪ Cover Artist(s): KHS & Macy Kate
✪ Macy Kate:
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• Instagram:

✪ KHS:
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✪ Original Cover Video:
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• Artist: ???
• Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku

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49 thoughts on “Nightcore – New Rules (Piano Version) – (Lyrics)

  1. Haruka- san schreef:

    new rules! :

    1.listen and enjoy.


  2. psycho red schreef:

    cool song I am the same no rules no leash!!!?

  3. Lily chan schreef:

    My new rules:
    1.Try to be early
    2.Love Sinfie, Sinon,Wolfie(which I already do)

  4. Yoake No Taiyo schreef:

    I don't follow rules ?

    Not really ?

  5. Yoake No Taiyo schreef:

    Sinon could you do Mi Gente or Sorry Not Sorry?

  6. Shinka - Chan schreef:

    I Love it <3
    so Beautifull

  7. I was just listening to the piano version of this yesterday. Also, here are my new rules:1. Don't take a nap or you'll miss new nightcores created by Sinon.2. Don't let your brother play on the computer when you get home.3. Don't fling your headphones off your computer while listening to Sinon's nightcore or while playing something else.

  8. The Beat schreef:

    New Rules:
    JK nothing changed lol

  9. Kawaii girl schreef:

    I love this song especially now hearing the piano version

  10. My new rules is

    1. Listen to every Sinon Nightcore
    2. Love them bc they are amazing
    3. Tell people to love Sinon if they like Nightore
    4. Enjoy it

  11. New Rules:
    1. ALWAYS like Sinon's videos
    2. Subscribe to Sinon~Senpai
    3. DONT BE LATE!
    4. Listen to Sinon's Nightcore!!!
    5. Also ship Sinfie
    6. Subscribe to WOLFIE!!!
    7. Smile!!

  12. hello31481 schreef:

    Does anyone else ship Sinon and Kirito? Just me? 🙁

  13. megan griesemann schreef:

    Hey sinon ? What happened to your 'down ' video it's not available any more ????

  14. Bijay Jena schreef:

    Amazing…. Brilliant one…. I love it

  15. may syarah schreef:

    sinooooon where's the latest video :((((

  16. Kirito's #1 fan schreef:

    Hay Sinon I love it!!

    Sorry that I've been late lately…it's just that school started and I've been busy with friends(heartbroken) and homework sorry

  17. Krystle Rhodes schreef:

    The mark on her arm is from(the girl who lept thourgh time

  18. Bella DarkThorn schreef:

    I've listened to this song so many times….I LOVE IT SOUCH???❤❤❤

  19. Sasha Thomas schreef:

    This is OMG THIS IS NOW MY NUMBER 1 ??☺?

  20. Kirizo schreef:

    Sinon didn't you have like a min slideshow/amv innocent bullet nightcore?I clearly remember seeing it a month ago or something but now i can't find it did it get taken down?

  21. killertnt911 schreef:

    half the comments here are new rules
    more crap
    complete shit

  22. I should create rules for myself… well… later… yah, later!

  23. Pastel schreef:

    Hey Sinon wanna let u know I am ( iiRubyGamer :3 ) I changed my name ^w^ thx for reading

  24. Hey friends i have nice music and free music for you ^_^

  25. Kokona Haruka schreef:

    New Rules

    Stop reading this and listen to the song

  26. Samerella schreef:

    The piano just makes it more dramatic

  27. Chocolate schreef:


    1. Listen to Sinon's nightcore

    2. Listen to Wolfie's nightcore.

    3. Combine them together because why not. :3

  28. Kylie Smith schreef:

    I have someone that I love… but he doesn't love me. I let him go but i'm still going to be watching over him making sure that hes safe..

  29. ιf υ ιονε ςιηοη Ꮹινε ςοме ιᎥκε

    K A W A I I •ω•

  30. Helena Guachalla schreef:

    New rules:
    1- Love Sinon
    2- Love Wolfie
    3- Love their nightcores
    4- Fangirl over Sinfie

  31. NightCore Cakes schreef:

    Amazing Work Sinon Me And Friend Love your work! Keep uploading your amazing work! -Maddii From NightCore Cakes (Please don't question our Youtube name It Was Lilys idea x3)

  32. Versece CCC schreef:

    New rules:
    1. Watch (for the views)
    2. like
    3. positive/funny comment
    4. share

  33. Random Potato schreef:

    Yes Sinon I been waiting!!!
    I love this song and thank you for posting it

  34. Sync etia schreef:

    Got this on loop for 13 hours now not getting tired of it such a great job sinon

  35. The EliteStraw schreef:

    Currently learning how to play piano so i guess ill try to play this

  36. Kansaki Aria schreef:

    This is the best song I ever heard !

  37. MeeshiwaTheOtoku schreef:

    Sinon, I know I'm extremely late! Sorry I haven't been supporting your channel too much anymore, but I'll get back to it, after all, you are my favorite nightcore youtuber!!

  38. lu dlabes schreef:

    i make a radio show with the songs from you?

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