Nightcore – Red – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: Red
✪ Original Artist(s): Taylor Swift
✪ Cover Artist(s): Against The Current

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✪ Taylor Swift:
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• Artist: gomzi
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37 thoughts on “Nightcore – Red – (Lyrics)

  1. _Yugen schreef:

    I know most likely noone will see this,i know noone will give a fuck and i know my girlfriend wont see this comment either.
    But i still want to say this,i love you baby <3 <3 <3 I hope i stay your boyfriend forever…<3<3<3<3

  2. Exotic Potato schreef:

    im 13 and i have been cursed with depression and i just want to say that all the songs you make give hope everyday. it makes me think that the next day will get better. so i just want to thank you sinon!! i love u!!

  3. This song is about colors! XDDDD

  4. luna dawn schreef:

    Songs call red

    There no red in the pic

    Oh well

  5. Trang Nguyen schreef:

    I like " red " ♡♡♡ Love !! :3

  6. Jvrlucena 69 schreef:

    does anybody know how old is she?and if shes dating?(No I dont like it´s just that she makes a lot of love songs and she sounds really young)

  7. -Animagic- schreef:

    Yay I found a nightcored version of this song! ?

  8. Sinon your the reason i started my own channel. I hope some day i can be as talented as you are. I know that you wont see this but if you do thx and continue making good music <3

  9. Lukewho'shere schreef:

    Im in heaven I love it.

  10. Gamemaster schreef:

    OMG I love this song. Thank you for making a nightcore for it. Btw I love your vids. I've been watching for idk how long. I always listen to your music. It cheers me up. It really helps me. I'm going through a break up so I am depressed but you always find a way to help me. Thank you 🙂

  11. vhhahahahahahahahah IM LAATTEEE 🙁

  12. For a second I thought this was Red by Hyuna but I like this too!

  13. kawaiijunil jlmj schreef:

    I can't stop thinking about sinon for over a year is it crush or love?????…

  14. Lady Hatsune schreef:

    Great am always late 🙁 YouTube is Evil…..Bye Sinon xD

  15. The picture should have been Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime :3

  16. unwanted poems schreef:

    Everything changed to read when i met you and that doesnt mean its a good thing h..

  17. Foxii. _ schreef:

    This is just so P E R F E C T . ?

  18. Sandip Bastola schreef:

    Is it weird that my favourite colour os red, my best friend's favourite colour is blue and we both think that dark grey isn't the best colour in the world..

  19. Sandip Bastola schreef:

    I <3 this!
    You make the best nightcores

  20. PinkyNyanGaming schreef:


  21. nightcore 4ever schreef:

    loving this song is red, burning red

  22. Kawaii PoTaToe97 schreef:

    Wow how did you do this ??

  23. Milley 16 schreef:


  24. Not fair Simon senpai!!! It's way too good. Can't help but give a thumbs up!

  25. Dustin Sancolli schreef:

    Its a very nice song
    the video is awesome
    looking forward to the next videos

  26. MARLUXIA # schreef:

    This song is from taylor swift. That they made for corneto ice-cream

  27. I will sue those people who disliked the video!?

  28. This is so good pls never stop!!!

  29. NightcoreLoverS schreef:

    Sinon… Can u make a song called "I fell in love once" by an artist called chase? I really miss that song. In female version please

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