Nightcore – Something Just Like This – (Switching Vocals) (Lyrics)

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➼ Something Just Like This
➼ Jonah Baker & Haley Klinkhammer
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27 thoughts on “Nightcore – Something Just Like This – (Switching Vocals) (Lyrics)

  1. Shiro schreef:

    Thanks for 300k views ^^
    Wanna more #Nalu, check out my vids :
    ➼ Castle On The Hill :
    ➼ Sad Song :
    ➼ Kiss Me :
    ➼ Kiss You :
    And I'll make more it in the future

  2. Mary Martin schreef:

    Oh I want to check your Vids I'm doing it right now

  3. Lab Member004 schreef:

    I wonder what program do you use for these texts ?

  4. Nightcore Lover schreef:

    This is the song I listen to the most and I absolutely love it

  5. Jinxx schreef:

    "fairytale bliss" hmmm, kinda reminds me of something…

  6. I love how one line legitly says fairy tail and the picture is fairytail

  7. I love you used fairy tail pics and Lucy is like" A fairy tale bliss"

  8. Faria -a Otaku schreef:

    Aww…. This is awsome! Nalu! This song is so fitting in with the theme


  10. Ruben Montanez schreef:

    is this fraiytail it is a good anime?

  11. Queen Crazy schreef:

    I'm probably just stupid and I'm going to regret that comment lol

  12. Lace Scholefield schreef:

    Natsu has magic so does lucy

  13. So is it pronounced Natsu or Nalu? And nice vid @Shiro

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