Nightcore – Tell Me It’s Okay (Lyrics)

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▸Artist: Gnash (prod. by 4e)
▸Song: tell me its okay
▸Genre: Alternative


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43 thoughts on “Nightcore – Tell Me It’s Okay (Lyrics)

  1. ItzYaBoiDerpy schreef:

    Boy – swallows the girls nose and eye
    Girl – wtf help me

  2. CheesemooN schreef:

    no new nightcore songs by Senpai

    Me: screams at friend TELL ME ITS OKAYYYY T_T

    Friend: slowely backs away

  3. Jailen Whitaker schreef:

    Tell me it's okay to be late to commet . I love is song and I can show it ???. " Dancing , sing to the song "

  4. Gamer Man schreef:

    I'm going to like your videos until I die.

  5. This literally struck my heart ❤

  6. Ocean Taylor schreef:

    This is a mad cute pic an I love this song 999M/999M+ ????????????????????

  7. Hannah Freauf schreef:

    (Sings along and just crys) "tell me its ok, its ok to tell me your not ok" I'm not ok i wanna kill myself ,i tried hanging myself but my brother cut me out, I tried jumping off a cliff my friend stopped me right in time, I tried drowning myeslf my dad stopped me, why won't anyone just let me go I'm done being on earth and going through hell each day, I just wanna go home where I belong

  8. CrazyNerdz schreef:

    (❤️.❤️)/ one of the best ones senpai~~

  9. IHeart Chloe schreef:

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤????????????

  10. Ruby The Geek schreef:

    Personally don't really like Kaito x Luka since it doesn't work very well but the song overall is awesome! ?

  11. The Raven Chan schreef:

    For people who want a cookie here:
    I hope that is enough

  12. kazuco esomay schreef:

    tell me it's ok to leave because you left me and I stop showing emotions because I just need all of this to stop you left me there and all we did was just fight I pushed you away because you let me down . we made up but I made one small mistake and then we ended up fighting again so tell it's ok for me to leave this world knowing that you are going to be ok I just never wanted to end up like this but I'm sorry for the pain I caused you I just needed to know is it ok for me to leave well good bye forever

  13. I know this isnt the time or place but…
    Did you know that froot loops is spelled with 2 Os instead of being spelled normally

  14. D3FUZED schreef:

    this picture is so hawt

  15. Emily lopez 12 schreef:

    This reminds me of the song called "ride" ._.

  16. miwra mitsunae schreef:

    I try to sing but there is so quickly for me ^^

  17. Soraya Rivers schreef:

    "I like being alone but I don't like being lonely."

    My life ;-;

  18. Cute Kitty 012 schreef:

    Mum:tell me it's ok

    Me: it's ok ….?

    Mum: TELL ME ITS OK !


    Mum: HEY!!

  19. Toji schreef:

    What editing systems do you use? Thanks

  20. Alexa Gaming schreef:

    Is it just me or does this sound EXACTLY like Nightcore Galaxy's Tell Me It's Okay?

  21. Lucy Dragneel schreef:

    I love luka but i ship her with gakapo

  22. xXStarCheetahXx schreef:



  23. Ambaline Yinet schreef:

    This describes me and my friend

  24. Hope 25 schreef:

    'I don't like being alone but I don't like being lonely' nothing could be more relatable

  25. Minty-Chan schreef:

    please try not to be salty

  26. Silver Mist schreef:

    this is me with my ex, but i stopped bedding for straps while sitting at the wrong table. now I've moved on he wanna seem hurt. too little to late i guess no? i have a new bf now an he way better :3

  27. Rin - Chan schreef:

    I thought the boy is Kuroko and the girl is Momoi when I was scrolling the page.

    ( Sorry if my grammar is bad )

  28. Nightcore Suchti schreef:

    I don't know why but that song makes me cry :/

  29. NanaKi schreef:

    this video is more than okay??

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