Nightcore – Too Good at Goodbyes「Lyrics」

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Nightcore – Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith (Cover)

♪ Lyrics on screen ♪
Original Artist: Sam Smith (Cover by Mtb)
Original Song: Too Good at Goodbyes (Nightcored)


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20 thoughts on “Nightcore – Too Good at Goodbyes「Lyrics」

  1. Nightcore - Mtb schreef:

    when I listening this music I cried ?
    Its very sad this song ❤
    Enjoy it & thanks for watching ^^

  2. Kitty Anime schreef:

    Wow this Absultly amazing and beautiful love u chuuu

  3. Whoa…•100
    I love numbers ^^

  4. BASS legend schreef:

    Beautiful Song????????<3?????????

  5. Melissa LP schreef:

    Beautiful, but sad:'(

  6. Zen The Actor schreef:

    What happened to the videos that went private-?!

  7. Death Angel schreef:

    Why did you private all your videos

  8. Game play schreef:

    I had a lot of the songs on my play list and know its will be a pain trying to get them off

  9. Sophia Is On schreef:

    Me crying right now ?
    Omg…I feel this song..??

  10. EtherND schreef:

    It's sad, I'm at my cousin's house and they barely use phones so, I'm late;;

    But this song is nice o.o.

  11. Matcha channel schreef:

    Do you read a Vietnamese ><

  12. Shia Deco schreef:

    Awwww this makes me wanna cry….

  13. Metin Colaq schreef:

    Thanks bro 🙁 it's hurt

  14. my tears roll down my face*sh-sh-sh-shit….*blushes

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