Nightcore – Too Good At Goodbyes (Lyrics)

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➤ Original:

▸Artist: Cassandra Jean (Cover by Sam Smith)
▸Song: Too Good At Goodbyes
▸Genre: Pop


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✿ Anime Character
▸Yazawa Niko


➤ Disclaimer:
My videos are not meant to hurt any copyright or any artist. It’s more intended to be a promotion than stealing content. I know that many people do not support their songs getting nightcored or edited without permission. If you want your song to be removed from my channel please E-Mail “”.



29 thoughts on “Nightcore – Too Good At Goodbyes (Lyrics)

  1. B.I.C. Violet schreef:

    Why is this relatable ??

  2. I like the song, nice edit. Nightcore is the best!

  3. Notice Me schreef:


  4. animal girl schreef:

    love song this speaks to me

  5. Agent Critic schreef:

    Explains home life perfectly.

  6. Zay schreef:

    Literally liking every comment related to Nico.

  7. Tsundere-chan schreef:

    Damn, i can imagine her crying while singing this to Maki

  8. no name schreef:

    This song describes me

  9. Subby J schreef:

    Legend has it you'll notice your early squad

  10. Mirna Mateo schreef:

    I love your channel it's so cool I Subscribe d and turned on Notafactions sorry is I spelled that wrong lol

  11. Keir K schreef:

    I'm way to good at goodbyes, I knew we wouldn't last,why did I think I could trust you?you're just like the rest…I'm way to good at goodbyes :'(

  12. I don't know what to do, so I'm asking people who see this comment.
    I like this person, I would do anything for them, but when I told all they could say was "okay", my friends don't like them, I know nothing is never going to happen. I was at the point where I lied and said I was over it. But I'm not. I don't know what to do, they are my life. But they don't give two fucks about me. It hurts so much. I don't know what I can do. I cant get over it.

  13. I finally found a nightcore version of this song <3

  14. Kawaii Games10 schreef:

    why nico is crying :CCCCCCC

  15. Leo - Paul schreef:

    Wow !! I've also made a cover of this song on my channel, tell me if you like it ? Thank you 😉

  16. Toasty Waffle schreef:

    Isn't nightcore basically just a sped up version of the original?

  17. Shinka - Chan schreef:

    lovely <3 <3 <3
    Perffect Song

  18. Isusjuh schreef:

    so fucking relatable

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