Nightcore – What About Us (Cover) – (Lyrics)

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✪ Song: What About Us
✪ Original Artist(s): P!nk
✪ Cover Artist(s): Romy Wave

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• Artist: しる
• Original artwork

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30 thoughts on “Nightcore – What About Us (Cover) – (Lyrics)

  1. nicolerocks 19 schreef:

    I expected Wolfie to comment…

    Wolfie: What about us, Sinon?

    Sinon: Let's get married


  2. "What about love, what about trust, what about Sinon's lovely nightcores."

  3. Italanie Wright schreef:

    Can u do one for me because of m graduating soon and I need a song to sing to

  4. minecrafterdave schreef:

    I got friendzoned for real


  5. kurumi13_6 schreef:

    This is too awesome for my ears! I love it so much! <33333333333333333

  6. Zay Luish schreef:

    So Pretty And a Beautiful As Always. 🙂

  7. Moka Coka schreef:

    Nice song and omg it makes you want to cry lol

  8. Accalia Mazar schreef:

    This song was really beautiful… I loved it so much, brings back so many happy memories ;-; I love the background it's very beautiful <3

  9. firEspIne schreef:

    the chipmunk is soo cute!!!!!!

  10. vasquez0582 schreef:


  11. unwanted poems schreef:

    What about us H? What about us?

  12. Commander Mango schreef:

    1am, bout to put my phone away, suddenly sees notification that Sinon uploaded another vid, who needs sleep? ❤️ keep up the good work ☺️

  13. Niamu Trask schreef:

    it's great. plz DISLIKE this okay DIS like this comment

  14. Faith schreef:

    I love pink and this song is so good! It's even better in nightcore, though, which is like impossible but it happened!❤️❤️❤️ily Sinon

  15. FridaKlara schreef:

    The picture reminds me of Victoria with longer hair, the background even looks like something from the game. (Life Is Strange fans anywhere?)

  16. Elina Myhrgren schreef:

    Love the song keep this up

  17. Olivia Beakman schreef:

    What a gorgeous background! I love the realism to it.

  18. Leo Lioness schreef:

    Love it just as much as food#delish

  19. i love your videos, Sinon. ?

  20. Khurshid Akhtar schreef:

    Sinon keep it up. I love your creations.

  21. Avril Kawaii schreef:

    5 seconds be like ?woah?

  22. Chu schreef:

    I love the echos in this song ?

  23. Fluffy Snow schreef:

    Omg I literally thought about high school musical and I really want high school musical 4

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