Nightcore – Worst In Me – (Lyrics)

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● Song: Unlike Pluto – Worst In Me // Lyrics
● Genre: Electronic
● Label: Lowly Palace

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© Artwork by 千夜QYS3
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30 thoughts on “Nightcore – Worst In Me – (Lyrics)

  1. Cant get enough of this spectrum and the picure ?

  2. CRAZY PT schreef:

    Wow this music is awesome ^^
    How r u doing syrex? I hope ur fine <3

  3. Shinobu Oshino schreef:

    Give her some advice to listen to syrexs music so it becomes best in me
    Super awesome song
    <3 syru <3

  4. Endless Feeling schreef:

    Also, really cool visualizer! ?

  5. Kanna Kamui schreef:

    Your music brings out the worst in me~ (in a good way) <3

  6. Anime Life schreef:

    I luv the pic! It really matches the song and it reminds me of back then. <3333333

  7. Elsa Cortes schreef:

    Love the song!! please tell me the anime

  8. VoxityRecords schreef:

    This track is in my playlist 2017 :3

  9. Aneko Hatsune schreef:

    Don't bring out the Worst in Me ill dance like crazy in this nightcore (which smthing i might do)
    Love you syrex ;3

  10. Fachri PM schreef:

    i like all of your music

  11. TheVicBro schreef:

    The worst in me is not commenting somehow! That would be terribleee

  12. MR Tatsuchi schreef:

    DAMMM great song once again, so good (/^-^)/ i feel happy listening to this. thnx for making my day

  13. Florent schreef:

    Ohhh I like this 😀 <3

  14. Worstest thing in me, is that my fingers might betrary me and dislike syrex's videos..

  15. SAD K.I.D schreef:

    the pic and song is perfectly fit

  16. is she from an anime if so what's it called?

  17. Royer9745 schreef:

    Good song i would love to hear more of your amazing songs

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