Nightcore – Zombie (Lyrics)

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▸Artist: BILLbilly01 (Original: The Cranberries)
▸Song: Zombie
▸Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop


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Comments 46

  1. I know you may not see this but I'm still gonna ask bc why not, can you plz do the song "a light to call home" it's been one of my favorite songs for a long time also sorry if you only take song request on discord,

  2. Tbh me and my gf broke up after 6 months relationship.We were really cool I loved her so much and one day she told.me she is going in other city to her cousin and my friend took a pic of her with some other guy hugged…damn that broke me like really hard im tryin to forget her hope ome day i will find another girl to love like her

  3. I love u and I subscribed and I love this song and u inspire me also I subscribed and liked the video and I want to thank u for making amazing videos and I hope u are successful in life and I enjoy your videos I love u ??????????❤❤??????

  4. Major props for grabbing such a classic song… Cranberries man, a powerful group during their time. And never – EVER – pictures I'd get to hear a great NC of their Zombies song. Thank you for making a dream come true.

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