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Nightcore – Zombie (Lyrics)

1504956988 maxresdefault - Nightcore - Zombie (Lyrics)

Nightcore – Zombie (Lyrics)

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[item img] - Nightcore - Zombie (Lyrics)

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▸Artist: BILLbilly01 (Original: The Cranberries)
▸Song: Zombie
▸Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop


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My videos are not meant to hurt any copyright or any artist. It’s more intended to be a promotion than stealing content. I know that many people do not support their songs getting nightcored or edited without permission. If you want your song to be removed from my channel please E-Mail “”.



46 Reactie's
  • • Ginxx •
    Geplaatst op 17:54h, 30 augustus Beantwoorden

    I know you may not see this but I'm still gonna ask bc why not, can you plz do the song "a light to call home" it's been one of my favorite songs for a long time also sorry if you only take song request on discord,

  • Frost Nightcore
    Geplaatst op 23:29h, 30 augustus Beantwoorden

    Im a zombie rn because of nightcore slaves nightcores ^^

  • Sandra Neko
    Geplaatst op 00:20h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    I heard this song in a zombie series

  • Sandra Neko
    Geplaatst op 00:22h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    But.. But… You're a slave not a zombie 😟

  • Versece CCC
    Geplaatst op 00:43h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    This song reminds me of a friend….

  • Megan Thompson
    Geplaatst op 00:46h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    What's the anime? Also keep up the good work^_^

  • Brian Yeoh
    Geplaatst op 00:49h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    amazing make more and have a good day

  • Sleuthie Doll
    Geplaatst op 01:11h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Reminds me of the abuse i went through. I have nightmares of my dad and mom fighting over my autism

  • -Trying to be a- Katana Master
    Geplaatst op 01:41h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    I tought it was from a french song, i was really scared o_o'

  • Mr Scrunchie
    Geplaatst op 01:45h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    This billy version is way worse then the original

  • Yareliz luvs art and NaluX3
    Geplaatst op 02:37h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    OMG my mom loooves this song and when i show her shes going to sing to it😄😄💕💕I wanted to hear this song in nightcore but never found it😕😕BUT NOW I DID DID😅😅😅Thank you😊😊

    Edit:No one told me i just 2 dids ;-;

  • Shiro
    Geplaatst op 03:05h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    I'm a zombie, I chase you <3

  • Lilliana Kathryn
    Geplaatst op 03:08h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Wow this was the best version of this song I've ever seen!!!!!!

  • Lily chan
    Geplaatst op 05:44h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Legend has it if I am late I will get noticed.Nah it's just an old sh!t

  • Melissa Leslie
    Geplaatst op 06:49h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden


  • luke navuwai
    Geplaatst op 08:07h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    this is the song i'm going to hear when I die in the battlefield

  • Artemis Music
    Geplaatst op 10:44h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    omg 😍😍😍

  • Tika Aprilia
    Geplaatst op 10:57h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden


  • SethX 132
    Geplaatst op 12:52h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    The normal version and the nightcore are nothing compared to the vocaloid version

  • Heart of Nightcore
    Geplaatst op 15:05h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    Xoxoxoxo, Gina guud music <3333

  • Music Lover
    Geplaatst op 15:49h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden


  • رينبوداش مارك
    Geplaatst op 17:49h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    الله صوتها فظيع والله على الاحساس والصوت والكلام

  • Андрей Хан
    Geplaatst op 20:32h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    The Pretty Reckless. Oh yeah

  • Vtene Q8
    Geplaatst op 21:44h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    i love the song so much omg i replay it all the team

  • No. Comment.
    Geplaatst op 22:44h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden

    I love this song, but not the cover so much.

  • ¡kresHD
    Geplaatst op 01:31h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    very very amazing music!

  • Stella Zhane Estinopo
    Geplaatst op 03:30h, 01 september Beantwoorden


  • Angela XD
    Geplaatst op 09:44h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    ❤ !!

  • Riya Kumar
    Geplaatst op 17:20h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Though I still think the original is the best this cover was done beautifully! It's almost as good 😀 such a beautiful song though.

  • Ruby Blaze
    Geplaatst op 21:23h, 01 september Beantwoorden

    Tbh me and my gf broke up after 6 months relationship.We were really cool I loved her so much and one day she she is going in other city to her cousin and my friend took a pic of her with some other guy hugged…damn that broke me like really hard im tryin to forget her hope ome day i will find another girl to love like her

  • tord and tom
    Geplaatst op 03:58h, 02 september Beantwoorden

    I love u and I subscribed and I love this song and u inspire me also I subscribed and liked the video and I want to thank u for making amazing videos and I hope u are successful in life and I enjoy your videos I love u 😻😻😻😻👍👍👍💜💜💜❤❤💚💚💜💜💙💙

  • Levi Holloman
    Geplaatst op 17:32h, 02 september Beantwoorden

    when I heard this song I was like this is better than any other zombie song I love how you did this

  • lory stinson
    Geplaatst op 22:22h, 02 september Beantwoorden

    Im crying rn T.T Love this

  • DirabreemGaming
    Geplaatst op 05:18h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    Major props for grabbing such a classic song… Cranberries man, a powerful group during their time. And never – EVER – pictures I'd get to hear a great NC of their Zombies song. Thank you for making a dream come true.

  • Marie Lmao
    Geplaatst op 17:04h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    AHG music!

  • MysticalDaze AJ
    Geplaatst op 17:40h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    I cant stop listening to this song! It is so pretty and magnificent.😍

  • gohan16zack
    Geplaatst op 01:20h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    Isn't this the song Andy sings to himself on the office??

  • nightcore revolution
    Geplaatst op 04:39h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    Very good song please stop at base camp I'm sure the song is true <3

    Geplaatst op 11:29h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    ORIGINAL SONG: The cranberries- zombie

  • Linny Z
    Geplaatst op 16:15h, 04 september Beantwoorden

    The text is really powerful

  • JadeZ Beanz
    Geplaatst op 04:05h, 05 september Beantwoorden

    I'm sad… I haven't yet seen any song theories posted down here… I guees that's because the song is pretty straightforward…

  • Joanna Hernandez
    Geplaatst op 22:54h, 06 september Beantwoorden

    I love the song

  • PriimulPrism - Random Videos
    Geplaatst op 01:31h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    I used to binge listen to this song holy crapoli

  • Whoopy Panda
    Geplaatst op 06:34h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    I love that song!

  • EMO teen666
    Geplaatst op 07:16h, 09 september Beantwoorden

    Why can't i convert this so it can go onto my MP3 player.

  • Yanderous Kira
    Geplaatst op 09:58h, 09 september Beantwoorden

    Only I like this song more in the original version?

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