Nothing More – Who We Are (Official Lyric Video)

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Official lyric track for ‘Who We Are’ by Nothing More off of the new upcoming album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’.

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Nothing More – Who We Are Lyrics:


For the blood, for the sweat, for the fears and the things that betray us
For the cracks in the mirrors and the ones that trip us on the pavement

We’re awake in this dream and we choose to believe
That the you that’s in me is in everything
We’re alive
We’re alive

It’s who we are that keeps me believing
There’s something here bigger than ourselves
If I’m wrong than why am I still feeling?
Who we are keeps me believing

For the pain, for the strength, for our will to hold on through the changes
From the now ‘til the end, every second we count, we embrace it

As our faces erase and our bodies decay
As we move through the waves that echo our names
We’re alive
We’re alive

It’s who we are that keeps me believing
There’s something here bigger than ourselves
If I’m wrong than why am I still feeling?
Who we are keeps me believing

One more time we stand together
Never forget why; always remember
One more time we stand together
Always remember

It’s who we are
We make it out alive
After all, it’s down to you and I

It’s who we are that keeps me believing
There’s something here bigger than ourselves
If I’m wrong than why am I still feeling?
Who we are keeps me believing

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50 thoughts on “Nothing More – Who We Are (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Pavel Marv schreef:

    "Thinking about the pointlessness of life is as pointless as life itself."

  2. Buy / Stream Nothing More's New Album 'The Stories We Tell Ourselves'. Out Sept. 15th –

  3. Righteousn3ss schreef:

    The fact that Nothing More songs can be so lyrically deep, yet so open to interpretation while actually being incredibly pleasant to listen to is phenomenal. They deserve more recognition. This is art in its purest form.

  4. Monica LW schreef:

    Just 8 more days… I can hardly wait until The Stories We Tell Ourselves!! #nothingmorehypetrain

  5. B real schreef:


  6. Arron Carter schreef:

    My favourite track from the new album so far. Just uploaded a vocal cover of this song! Feel free to check it out!

  7. Jason LovesABR schreef:

    Damn, this is easily the best song released so far.

  8. Xyaz27 schreef:

    hey guys, you know how Skillet's fanbase is called the Panheads, right?well I thought of what fans of Nothing More would be called and came up with something, decide for yourself if you think it sounds rightThe Nobodies……

  9. dont stop making songs? ima keep believing

  10. Aaron J schreef:

    I wish I could implant this into everyone's ears to wake them up to this band.

  11. sw1tched schreef:

    Mother fucker!!!!! This awesome!!!!!!!

  12. beast boy schreef:

    Light music… BREAKDOWN not now back to light music… light music… light music BREAKDOWN no its light again…

  13. Don't Stop and Let 'em Burn are my favourites on the album but this is awesome. Actually, no, this is also my favourite.

  14. Jim Cadogan schreef:

    Hit after hit after hit after hit

  15. schreef:


  16. Bunny Power schreef:

    First I fell in love with "Go To War" and now this! Awesome music!

  17. Stef De Kinder schreef:

    Loving the Alan watts influence once again! 🙂 <3

  18. The greatest things in life come from TEXAS…God's country.

  19. Rainey Moore schreef:

    My favorite band keeps dropping hits and I've never been more addicted to their music

  20. Jimmy Lynch schreef:

    This is still so good geez

  21. Daniel McNeil schreef:

    Just the voice-nothing more XC-Lent

  22. alex sorom schreef:

    Best band to surface in the last 10 years

  23. Noam Asulin schreef:

    Love this song. Looking forward to the new album

  24. Lesley Garrett schreef:

    Awesome song big up amazin?✌❤

  25. Sean Reeves schreef:

    there are no gods. you still feel because… oh fuck take a science class.

  26. Aaron Coutcher schreef:

    This needs to be the song for the 100 series

  27. Jon schreef:

    This song reminds me of the band Ra. Anybody else hear similarities? Especially in the chorus.

  28. Metalhead Hippie schreef:

    This song made my night. Its weird how you can listen once and be ok… that was good. Then you listen again and it just makes you feel the song in a whole new light. I FUCKIN LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Hulitchigo schreef:

    Dang this is deep. My new favourite by them. Been cycling through their songs as favourites. This is definitely at the top for now

  30. Xenox Trinity schreef:

    Such strong messages in all of NM's songs! I'm so happy I decided to go under my recommended on YT ^-^

  31. Nine Antonio schreef:

    Esta Genial me encanta ?

  32. LetsDoIt schreef:

    The editing and song are just amazing

  33. king of clubs schreef:

    Am i the only one reminded of "the sharpest lives" by the lyrical rythm of the verses?

  34. Turn NoMo's Logo 180 degrees and you will get a VW

  35. Martin G schreef:

    DAmn, I received my sweater today. Im fuckin impressed. Really guys Im love with your band,.

  36. Martin G schreef:

    Long FUCKING LIVE nothing more. Just FUCkinjG wow. Music a1. A fuyuuuuuuckiing 1 merch (not really imp) a1 grade super one.

  37. Evil Zombie115 schreef:

    Can someone answer if these guys are a christain band? Some of their songs refer to god and the bible, but mos f2f christain bands are not hard rock. Please dont start an argument in the comments

  38. Agdonavicius schreef:

    I think Youtube forgot to add 000 as the last digits of the 'Views' count…

  39. Bryce Bishop schreef:

    You guys refuse to make bad songs huh…. keep up the awesome tunes.

  40. Blue moon schreef:

    Nothing better than this band. Can't wait for the rest of the album to be released.

  41. QuietDuplicity schreef:

    Alan Watts would be proud!

  42. GhostArmy schreef:

    Anyone know what time it comes out

  43. Cho Tube schreef:

    Will be on my way to best buys tomorrow for this! I gotta have it in physical form!

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