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Numb – Phora Lyrics

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Numb – Phora Lyrics

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0:26 Colt 45*
I do NOT own this.
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25 Reactie's
  • Lexisss
    Geplaatst op 09:13h, 14 juli Beantwoorden

    0:26 Colt 45*
    1:09 I just can't help but wonder if you think of me still*

  • Cristabel Moodley
    Geplaatst op 19:05h, 21 augustus Beantwoorden

    Im currently dealing with depression after being dumped for someone else twice
    And sitting in my hospital bed I came across this❤
    I feel everything you going through..
    I can relate
    This actually brought me to tears❤💦 this is beautiful
    I know

  • Kira Kowolik
    Geplaatst op 00:56h, 22 augustus Beantwoorden

    These are the words of my soul

  • arianna g
    Geplaatst op 16:58h, 22 augustus Beantwoorden

    You can hear the pain in his voice

  • Tanya Fountain
    Geplaatst op 19:02h, 23 augustus Beantwoorden

    I can relate to this song!

  • 3SP3 HTX
    Geplaatst op 13:32h, 24 augustus Beantwoorden

    I love how phora speaks through his songs

  • Haha DeeTV
    Geplaatst op 01:37h, 25 augustus Beantwoorden

    I fucking love phora and tayketz

  • Ashley Sofia
    Geplaatst op 03:04h, 25 augustus Beantwoorden

    Took the words right out of my mouth 😥

  • NatNat tho
    Geplaatst op 16:46h, 25 augustus Beantwoorden

    My past haunts me for years and now when I open my eyes just to see your face, it gets even worse.. I push you away because I can feel the negativity and I can't go thru this anymore. I trust little and few are friend's not even those whom claimed to be friends are there. This reality I am living with you hurts me deep, because I can't feel love.

  • Black Beauty
    Geplaatst op 22:18h, 25 augustus Beantwoorden

    I just lost the love of my life i was with him 6 years they killed him he died in my arms😔god why !! I ask myself why why why
    Im so depressed in so much pain this world is evil

  • Atif Farhan
    Geplaatst op 15:02h, 27 augustus Beantwoorden

    Explains me perfectly

  • Hodiah Moore
    Geplaatst op 04:39h, 28 augustus Beantwoorden

    this song made me cry yhall

  • Aaliyah Andradee
    Geplaatst op 05:31h, 29 augustus Beantwoorden

    this song hits right in my feels 🙁

  • Jesus Mejorada
    Geplaatst op 15:45h, 30 augustus Beantwoorden

    Fucking pussy

  • ILove Jessica
    Geplaatst op 10:35h, 31 augustus Beantwoorden
  • Amanda Diaz
    Geplaatst op 20:42h, 02 september Beantwoorden

    This song describes me and my ex husband. He left me n my daughter 3 years ago after xmas. I never got a closure. He just left. He doesnt even bother with my kid anymore…what did i do wrong i ask myself .

  • Phorahead 98
    Geplaatst op 02:46h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    In tears right now😢😟

  • Elaine Ramirez
    Geplaatst op 04:33h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    I know I ain't been my self lately I haven't felt nun but pain but shit why every body so fake phora is so true every body is leaving thank God for phora because if I wouldn't found his music I wouldn't have been my self but rip to my uncle died in the bad weather

  • stealthx55
    Geplaatst op 05:57h, 03 september Beantwoorden

    Holy shit bro, I thought I could never find another modern day rapper I like besides Em.. nice fuckin lyrics man!!

  • dayana maciel
    Geplaatst op 03:13h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    i could relate 🙁

  • Noel Huerta
    Geplaatst op 18:02h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    135 people rather listen to lil Wayne

  • Redrubybella Gunraj
    Geplaatst op 18:38h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    Felt like killing myself then I found this song ❣️

  • Jocelyn Mackintosh
    Geplaatst op 02:22h, 08 september Beantwoorden

    This is my first time hearing this song.. and it hit me so hard.. my heart started aching.. my eyes started to tear.. reminded me of someone

  • Cynthia Avalos
    Geplaatst op 04:47h, 08 september Beantwoorden

    phora was not the only one that was treated like shit growing up

  • Katie May
    Geplaatst op 22:56h, 08 september Beantwoorden

    This song is what I need right now

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