Numb – Phora Lyrics

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0:26 Colt 45*
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Original Video To Numb – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBVpAEYvwJI&t=14s
Phora’s Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGsX7mDPamr5EYedMuZvwBg




Comments 25

  1. Im currently dealing with depression after being dumped for someone else twice
    And sitting in my hospital bed I came across this❤
    I feel everything you going through..
    I can relate
    This actually brought me to tears❤? this is beautiful
    I know

  2. My past haunts me for years and now when I open my eyes just to see your face, it gets even worse.. I push you away because I can feel the negativity and I can't go thru this anymore. I trust little and few are friend's not even those whom claimed to be friends are there. This reality I am living with you hurts me deep, because I can't feel love.

  3. This song describes me and my ex husband. He left me n my daughter 3 years ago after xmas. I never got a closure. He just left. He doesnt even bother with my kid anymore…what did i do wrong i ask myself .

  4. I know I ain't been my self lately I haven't felt nun but pain but shit why every body so fake phora is so true every body is leaving thank God for phora because if I wouldn't found his music I wouldn't have been my self but rip to my uncle died in the bad weather

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