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Official title track from Swedish progressive legends OPETH’s twelfth studio album, SORCERESS, out worldwide via Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Order the album at http://opeth.com/stores.
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2016 marks the monumental return of one of heavy rock’s most unique, revered and fearless bands of the last three decades, Opeth. Over the years, the experimental, prog veterans have continuously reinvented themselves, pushing the boundaries of their craft and expectations of fans and critics alike.

OPETH’s new album, Sorceress, their first for Nuclear Blast via the band’s imprint label Moderbolaget Records, is proof chief architect Mikael Åkerfeldt has a near-endless well of greatness inside. From the album’s opener ‘Persephone’ to ‘The Wilde Flowers’ and ‘Strange Brew’ to the album’s counterpart title tracks ‘Sorceress’ and ‘Sorceress II’, OPETH’s twelfth full-length is an unparalleled adventure, where visions cleverly and secretly change, colors mute as if weathered by time, and sounds challenge profoundly.

Sorceress Track List:
1. Persephone
2. Sorceress
3. The Wilde Flowers
4. Will O The Wisp
5. Chrysalis
6. Sorceress 2
7. The Seventh Sojourn
8. Strange Brew
9. A Fleeting Glance
10. Era
11. Persephone (Slight Return)

”The new album “Sorceress” is our 12th studio album since our beginnings in 1990,” says Åkerfeldt. “I find it difficult to understand that we’ve been going on for 26 years, let alone that we’ve made 12 records now, all of which I am very proud of. ”Sorceress” is no exception. I love this album, as does the whole band. I wrote the music during 5-6 months and we spent only 12 days recording it at Rockfield studios in Wales. I find that once again we’ve taken a step forward. Or sideways, Or backwards. Somewhere!? It’s different! It’s extremely diverse. And if I may say so myself, extremely good. I feel the right to say that since I like to think I know this band better than anyone on the planet. Also, I always manage to detach myself from the record and listen as a fan. It’s a fine little record. My favorite in our discography right now. Of course. That’s how it should be, right? It’s both fresh and old, both progressive and rehashed. Heavy and calm. Just the way we like it. Hopefully there’ll be others around the globe sharing this opinion. It was a joy to make it. A fucking joy to record it, and a sheer joy listening to it. So there you have it!”

For Sorceress, OPETH returned to Rockfield Studios in Wales, also home to pivotal releases from Queen, Rush and Judas Priest, where the Swedes had tracked Pale Communion in 2014 with Tom Dalgety. The band spent 12 days recording at the countryside venue among its serene and inspiring surroundings. The result is nothing short of a powerful and intriguing record that will add yet another layer to the band’s celebrated career.

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48 thoughts on “OPETH – Sorceress (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

  1. TheNatureboy64 schreef:

    They're ok, not great.

  2. K Boslice schreef:

    damn tuned the guitar to have two A strings

  3. Micah Vitko schreef:

    I'm listening to this album for the first time, and I like it. It sounds old, like its from another time. Good shit right here, very chill music. I can see myself having a date with Mary J to this album soon brothers.

  4. kenza laalou schreef:

    Soundgarden vibes I like it

  5. Olgu Açici schreef:

    sadly we can never listen songs like Master's Apprentices again from opeth 🙁

  6. Berserker schreef:

    Am I the only one who is getting kinda Tool vibes from this song?

  7. iggyboy schreef:

    not gonna lie, kinda didn't love it at first, but damn if it didn't grow on me.

  8. Champions league metal.A class riffs.Don't care for the past.Virus carheart….

  9. iddok Kadar schreef:

    That was flying way too fast man.

  10. Never even listened to "old Opeth" before but this is still absolute shit. Fuck prog.

  11. Who else thinks this is a little bit similar to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin? Great song by the way. ?

  12. Hudson Fernando schreef:

    O que a anita tá fazendo aí ?

  13. Lobstrosity schreef:

    Opeth has done all that they could with death (umm, that's not right, umm…unique metal Opeth) metal without becoming repetitive. Every one of their earlier metal albums evolved in some aspect or another and here they are now. This is their progression away from those death metal days and yes, they still kill. To all those naysayers out there, Opeth's still a badass live show with the old cuts thrown in

  14. mark stewart schreef:

    its faultless, ts catchy its awesome from a oldschool opeth fan

  15. Peter Halmo schreef:

    Best song on the album along with seventh sojourn however the album is average in my opinion. Can do without the bursting blood vessel crap going on all over the place too.
    I doubt fans or listeners care for that try hard I'm evil shit happening here. Let the music do the talking!
    Even Opeth fans have grown up!!

  16. - Kèlemavh - schreef:

    Can someone with some knowledge in music theory explain what wierd scale is being played at the beginning (and the theory behind it)? It has a very jazzy feeling

  17. Caleb Hohneke schreef:

    I honestly like the "newer" sound of Opeth the best. I hear hints of Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and yet they still have that awesome Opeth sound that smacks you in the face with technical riffs of beauty. Haters are gonna hate, but the Sorceress album is pure ear candy. Thanks for kicking out fantastic music Opeth. You could release an album of harmonized fart samples and I would still jam the hell out of it. m/

  18. xterman schreef:

    I really like The New Opeth

  19. pavan kumar schreef:

    I like the variations in their compositions. The most matured music band out there.

  20. I loved Opeth very much and i started to love this style of Opeth very much. Am i corrupted or somethings are changing?

  21. Daniel Rolinson schreef:

    Opeth have lost it cause of Michael's selfishness n one track writing style he needs to stop being of one mind and let the rest of the band contribute their ideas cause that's what made opeth so great back in the day the whole band wrote together now its all just Michael Michael Michael and it sounds like SHIT!

  22. Harry Henderson schreef:

    wilderun-sleep at the edge of the earth album sounds just like old opeth. if you miss old opeth that is.

  23. Steve Osborne schreef:

    By far my favorite album by Opeth and Sorceress is one of my favorite songs of all time; extremely talented group

  24. Professor Brand schreef:

    just skip the intro its shit

  25. Owain Frost schreef:

    who thinks this album needs to be re done (it sounds too bassy and muddy)

  26. Gorgonops schreef:


  27. Jared Arbizu schreef:

    The new music is good, it's well written stuff, but it's just disappointing that this band lost everything that made them special and unique, which is that gloomy, melancholy feel, and that ability to shift from light to dark, hard to soft, so effortlessly. Now they just sound like they could be any other 70s prog rock band. Which is fine–again, it's still good stuff, and I enjoy it. It's just that there's two versions of Opeth now, and while I like them both, the new version just isn't as good.

    P.S. I couldn't care any less about the lack of growls. It's not the growls that made Opeth great back then (though they were indeed awesome). It was the balance of light and dark, like I stated before.

  28. Steven Burrus schreef:

    like the doors meets opeth man

  29. Katy JA schreef:

    These fucking mad riffs ARE the mad riffs of OPETH.. there is no mistaking it.. people who say different, do not know all of their music, especially their earlier music.. nor, have ever seen them.. the sound is Opeth, yet it's a refreshing new sound, that still has their signature sound imprinted to the music.

  30. Opeth vs. Iced Earth??? I like this!

  31. dank demer schreef:

    Despite having clean vocals it compensates for it by being extremely jazzy

  32. Bert Berw schreef:

    3:40 Your lyrics do not rhyme, but I fixed them for you guys:

    "Watch your eager tongue,
    attack me from Pyongyang."

    You're welcome.

  33. Nicholas schreef:

    Why does everyone site "lack of growls" as the default argument when representing those of us who don't favour the band's new direction? The growls are not why we prefer the old Opeth, it's the powerful contrast and tension that is present in their earlier works.

    Songs like Harlequin Forest, Bleak and Deliverance stand out as examples of Opeth's ability to give a magical, story-like quality to their music. These tracks seamlessly blend hard and soft guitar with hard and soft vocals to create real emotional contrast; parts that clearly evoke rage and others, regret or sorrow.

    The band's manipulation of tension is astounding in these works also. The repetition of various refrains within each song serves to build such tension which is then released upon a dramatic change of tempo or a similar collapse of said refrain.

    These are the elements that are missing (for me) from Opeth's newer music. I don't think their new songs are bad, just full of missed opportunities. Take the bridging section beginning at 1:48 for example. I think this is awesome and a perfect point to take the song in an unexpected direction, but they just go back to the verse riff again… This part sums up the new Opeth for me, missing the magic.

  34. DylanTheSmylan schreef:

    when your listening to the sweet jazz and then you make it to 1:00

  35. viki2133 schreef:

    Definitely a departure from their original style and definitely not as good as it, but it is still an excellent song.

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