Pale Waves- Heavenly lyrics (demo) (old version)

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♥ I do not own any of the music, all credit goes to their owners ♥
Big thanks to Ardour on Soundcloud for reuploading this!
Heavenly by Pale Waves, the first “original” version

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15 thoughts on “Pale Waves- Heavenly lyrics (demo) (old version)

  1. Bas Marell schreef:

    television romance lyrics please! ( :

  2. jdog167 schreef:

    are these lyrics accurate? I've seen other pages and stuff that list the lyrics differently so I'm just wondering

  3. Jake Cooke schreef:

    Both versions give such a different but an amazing sound and vibe

  4. Cocktail Game schreef:

    This night is electric and I won't forget it, best line ever

  5. Hey hey hey schreef:

    Recomendation from matt thruman

  6. ardour. schreef:

    hehe I love them sm lucky I saved the songs and reuploaded them loll. love this vid btw!

  7. Jake Cooke schreef:

    I'm dying without the songs that got taken down

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