peachy! – lover boy (ft. reisha) (lyrics)

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♡ Artwork by : Unknown ㅠㅠ

♡ Lyrics :

you’re a lover boy
always getting your heart burned
i’m a lover girl
my love never reciprocated

many times i should, leave it as it is
but my heart won’t stop
beating erratically

tell me lover boy, will you let me in?
should’ve stopped now
but i’m stuck underneath your skin

you’re a lover boy
always getting your heart burned
i’m a lover girl
my love never reciprocated



43 thoughts on “peachy! – lover boy (ft. reisha) (lyrics)

  1. miukie schreef:

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    Reisha has only 79 followers, please follow her!!! ?

  2. Quyen Tran schreef:

    The music on this channel is dope

  3. I loved this so much~
    Luv u miukie ??



    And just when I thought I was going to die of homework, you Upload

    Luv u :3

  4. Giuliana schreef:

    Thank you for showing us all of these amazing songs! I always love studying and relaxing to them!

  5. Hana Mohar schreef:

    Girl this is good very beautiful and definitely one of my faves? love you Miuki

  6. kpop.bts.memes schreef:

    isn't the instrumental the melody from avatar the last airbender? ♡.♡

  7. MeM & MeM schreef:

    Your voice makes my day :>

  8. Miss Cat schreef:

    fan girl face(●°u°●)​

  9. miukie schreef:

    Hiii guys ?? thank yOU SO MUCH FOR +13K SUBS!!!!! Youtube blocked my last video.. I made it to thank you guys for the support on my channel :'^(

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  11. Charisse Yee schreef:

    Another lovely lyric video done!

  12. Maruf Ali schreef:

    Why does this song make me feel so sad?… lmao

  13. Alexa Vibes schreef:

    god i love your channel

  14. candy chimchim schreef:

    I luv ur vids cuz they make me relax and happy!!??

  15. Tyrone Gilson schreef:

    This song makes me want to sit by the window while it's raining and play this song

  16. cherxries schreef:

    I can describe this as cute and very chill aesthetic?? I LUV THE CUTE AESTHETIC AAHHHHH

  17. Marcy Bug schreef:

    I love your channel so much, keep uploading!! Have some hugs from a random! ((OuO)/)

  18. reisha schreef:

    aw man this is neat!! thank you! (:

  19. Lija_ S schreef:






  20. Midnight Colors schreef:

    Wow. Miukie, I started watching your channel a few weeks ago, but I'm honestly in love with it. I'm so proud of you. Keep up the amazing work :3

  21. Fatima Qureshi schreef:

    I was feeling really sad over some emotional stuff but your channel made me happy, Thank you. :')

  22. justaaliyahk schreef:

    I love this channel so much because all the songs??

  23. Alexis Lyle schreef:

    When she says but my heart won't stop beating sporadically I immediately noticed the beat in the background which sounds like a heart beating.

  24. Alexis Lyle schreef:

    Also, I feel this song feels like it relates to me. I'm asexual and aromantic but when sometimes I get a form of crush called a squish which means that I really want to be best friends with the person. It's like a crush because I can't control it and it causes my heart to speed up but it's also not because I don't want anything romantic from the person in question and I don't care if they date other people. A few times the boy ended up liking me but I just don't feel those feelings so I have to tell them that I'm sorry and I don't like them back. After that we won't be as close friends and things will be kind of awkward. I know the dong isn't meant to be seen this way but I think it's fine to apply songs to your own situation even if the artist isn't trying to send that message specifically.

  25. peachy! schreef:

    hey, did you ever send me an email/message about posting my music? I appreciate your support but I have a license that says you must contact me BEFORE distributing my songs anywhere, and certain songs will actually give you a copyright strike if you post it…i'll let you keep this one up but PLEASE for future reference just ask me beforehand so I know, there's a lot of people trying to steal music out there and my music is not a free-for-all

  26. Boi wtf schreef:

    Your channel has such wonderful songs and I can't even tell what the genre of most of them are lmao

  27. the avatar's love being the melody for this is so nice ✨

  28. Eclipse Le Wolf schreef:

    I knew the melody sounded familiar <3

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