27 thoughts on “PENTAGON (펜타곤) – Like This LYRICS [COLOR CODED HAN|ROM|ENG]


  2. Pia12345 blabla schreef:

    thank you so much?
    ps: i think in the middle of wooseoks rap it's wooseok and not hongseok who sings

  3. mechu maluv schreef:

    please do 'its over by ptg' too

  4. Amzar Firdaus schreef:

    Can you make Pentagon- when i was in love in lyrics video too. Thank you ❤❤❤

  5. betty kashani schreef:

    Thank u !!!
    Can you do more from the album?? All the songs are so good ;;

  6. galaxy heaven schreef:

    wow your faster than my internet. thank you so much for this❤

  7. kk xy schreef:

    everytime i see wooseok i can't help but think of Kris 🙁

  8. Amina Il'yasova schreef:

    I love the lyrics
    Hongseok/Wooseok's part and prechorus are my fave

  9. Arya Nugraha schreef:

    you're so fast it's scary ?
    will you also do for the rest of the album?

  10. justakpoprose schreef:

    what website did u use to download the MV? I'm trying to do a thread on Twt but my website won't let me

  11. Best line distribution i have ever seen

  12. Leila A. schreef:

    Yuto's rap is literally no joke, like my bones are shaking, my red blood cells are shaking

  13. Hope 希望 schreef:

    Now I know the meaning I'm even more touched by it :') ? It's actually relatable

  14. Suubin Kim schreef:

    well just when i thought pentagon would stop making bops with sad lyrics

  15. Ira Irfanatasha schreef:

    At 3:05 is Shinwon's line instead of YO.

  16. Bentagon Kpop schreef:

    "Go On My Way" YanAn is so ICONIC OH MY GODDDDD ???

  17. Lami Onifade schreef:

    They have come a LONG WAY from Gorilla and it ain;t even a year yet!!!

  18. DAY6 _4life schreef:

    Hui's voice is really nice…

  19. Potato Goddess schreef:

    "Like the flower that blooms for the first time. Like the small grass that's just starting to bud."


  20. Rendezvous schreef:

    shinwon getting more lines is actually the reason i still alive :')

  21. I am so blessed that my man Yanan got the lines he deserved as well as Shinwon! I watched the video and I felt like my soul was cleaned from the beauty that is their voices. And let's take a moment also to bless that my baby Hongseokie and he's sweet and loving voice <3

  22. dee schreef:

    hui looks so different when theres no colors in his picture lmao.

  23. Nicole Mae schreef:


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