31 thoughts on “Queen – somebody to love

  1. Charmie Gonzalez schreef:

    no singers in this generation like b4…Genius! thank u queen

  2. limpnjen schreef:

    Apparently he found a lot of people to "love". Sorry I had to, I read somewhere that he was a manwhore, like all rock stars (or stereotypically). Good song nonetheless.

    My favorite Queen song is "Goodnight old fashioned lover boy" which doesn't get as much attention.

  3. The O schreef:

    So…what are you drinking Fred?

  4. uno de los mas grandes el genio de la composicion y el maestro mercury

  5. Andrew& Andrea schreef:

    Heaven must sound beautiful ❤

  6. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    fuck off jerks!!Dont listen to my music!!?Ure trash!!Mars ..oriunde vi se intinde chelea piaatorii reduse jmechere!!I dont love u cuz u have not evan one certain quality whatsoever!!

  7. Tengo 16 años y Queen es una de mis bandas favoritas

  8. Dave Law schreef:

    No Freddie, no Queen, I don't care whatever who says what…..

  9. Estás si son canciones no como los cover de Telcel :v

  10. Ali Cia schreef:

    This Man was so perfect, I love it, he`s my idol. <3

  11. Katherine Smith schreef:


  12. Riccardo Bacci schreef:

    Que voz y soniďo!! Queen imperdible. .hay que escucharlo siempre…!!!

  13. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    i will never love you!!

  14. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    u will never use me!!!!?

  15. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    i will never love you!?

  16. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    u will never have me in any way!!!

  17. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    and nope…im not guy!!!!?

  18. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    dont need ure nasty shit..ever!!!✋

  19. Luminita Enciu schreef:

    i will not take u in any way ha ha americans..or men..or any thing else!!!

  20. Nadia Dekkari schreef:

    j'aime le musicien mais pas le gay sorry ecoeurante maladie brian may super ♥

  21. Fá Babini schreef:

    Essa música é FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODAAAAAAA! Maravilhosos, reis da música, coisa linda de ouvir, AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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