34 thoughts on “Queen – Under Pressure (Lyrics)

  1. Jonathan Glass schreef:

    For the record, Vanilla Ice did not steal this song. The recording studio actually used this song and they did not get blamed for it. So Vanilla Ice is good, it's just the recording that messed up. They had one job and failed.

  2. YoshiLikes 24 schreef:

    Why is 50% of the comments about a song I never heard of?

  3. OHBOYKID316 schreef:

    Just realized vanilla ice stole this bass. LMFAO that dude was a scrub

  4. Mythic Star schreef:

    All these people saying that people they know say it's "Ice, Ice, Baby." I can tell the difference on the second note without looking at the title. I once proved too my dad he was wrong about a song in a commercial. He said it was "Under Pressure" and I told him that it was "ice,ice baby." It was an icebreakers gum commercial so somewhere between the logic of it being Vanilla Ice's song and my ability to recognized both almost instantly…

  5. x GhosT x schreef:

    Something about this song makes me feel really happy and loving and warm and I just love it so much :))

  6. Courtney Selwyn schreef:

    I'm 13 and I'm so sad that I wasn't brought up listening to these amazing songs by amazing people instead, I was brought up listening to bad pop music.

  7. I_am_The_Doctor schreef:

    2:26 God I wish I had that vocal range
    Freddy Mercury, possibly the best singer to grace the Earth with his talents.

  8. joshua Pedroche schreef:

    This is better than the fucking ICE ICE BABY

  9. Krysten55 schreef:

    For the longest time, I never knew David Bowie did this with Queen.

  10. ScriptTheFlip G schreef:

    One of the best and most accurate songs I've ever heard.

  11. toni hodge schreef:

    I was actually was born in the wrong generation I was in guitar club and some one said hay ice ice baby I thought the teacher was playing this no lie

  12. Carlos Alvarado schreef:

    Am i the only one tha imaines Vanilla Ice thinking “i must rip of this song”

  13. Samantha Elam schreef:

    It wasn't until recently that I found out queen and Bowie sang this song together. I can't believe I hadn't really been listening. Their voices are so distinct. May these legends rest in peace.

  14. _HUNRUSPWNZ_ schreef:

    shemeless ripoff of the classic by vanilla ice…just saying

  15. david bowie died twice last year

  16. Gage Rabideaux schreef:

    This song is basically my life at this point

  17. Julio Avael,IV schreef:

    Relax guys, Bowie and Freddie are in heaven making songs for Jesus

  18. trey schreef:

    This song is extremely relevant to today's world with all the violence

  19. gloia s schreef:

    이런 전설 노래를;;;

  20. Vappy Nukki schreef:

    David Bowie and Freddie Mercury,
    Both singing in the Sky.. :')

  21. Alan Ramseur schreef:

    If you live your life by @2:54 then you're ok.

  22. ShrimpArts schreef:

    my friends were singing ice ice baby and I asked them if they knew who David Bowie was and they said NO!!! what has this world come to

  23. One of the best songs of all time let alone that time

  24. Miguel Ortiz schreef:

    La hora de mi casamiento sera un eterno II : II

  25. Vault Boi schreef:

    This song always makes me emotional

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