REDFOO – New Thang (Lyric Video)

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REDFOO – New Thang (Lyric Video)

If you want to be featured on our channel, please send us your best production for us to consider your participation.
Check out this video to make sure you have got the correct contact details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyabiqsxAdc

We are Revved Records,

Our mission is to give innovative, young artists the opportunity to expose themselves to a bigger audience then they are reaching now. Why? We truly believe that there are wonderful artists on this planet who can touch other people’s hearts and minds with their creativity. More importantly, there are musicians who are capable of changing the world with their music. We feel that they deserve a bigger audience. We want the earth to meet the musicians of the future. How? We own a Youtube-channel with over 100.000 subscribers, which is great for distributing music across the globe. By providing these artists access to the world’s greatest social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook et cetera) we will promote tomorrow’s music to the world. Within 5 years we hope to see our musicians on top of the music charts.

Do you think you’re the person we’re looking for?
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  1. At last I found this song!
    Look how I tried to search for it. "trumpet song", "2016 song with trumpet".
    And now its Saxophone!
    I used to be an amateur sax player 10 yrs ago how could I not know the difference ? Lol

  2. Fucking saxophone player's…. that S.O.B stole my girl too (T-T). Eventually I just gave up… SOLO FOR LIFE……..I'm so lonely (T-T)

    At least HE can go back in time to prevent it from happening….. with his PINK-ASS back to the future time machine…. I can't afford that shit… (T-T)

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