38 thoughts on “ROADMAN Shaq The Ting Goes (Lyrics Visually Imagined)

  1. SSJayden schreef:

    I actually thought he froze lol

  2. Nikkitori schreef:

    Literally that part with the cook and the fire shows how lit this was .

  3. Soltmeal schreef:

    Take my Twix by force….. dying

  4. Antoine Zwei schreef:

    This has to be the best freestyle ever, hands down

  5. Red_ Hood schreef:

    the best meme of September or maybe the rest of the year

  6. the best rapper alive, NO KETCHUP

  7. Tyler Haskell schreef:

    "Your girl knows I got the sauce
    No ketchup
    Just SAUCE
    And I'm dead

  8. Ronnie Stewart schreef:

    I got the sauce. No ketchup

  9. NDAclick1 schreef:

    wtf…….are u serious rap destroyed

  10. Matthew Privat schreef:

    Puts water on an electric fire…

  11. David Zheng schreef:

    This needs to be the national anthem

  12. Itz Rathiega schreef:

    1:44 When you tell your mechanic what's wrong

  13. Ma ya schreef:


    R A W S A U C E

  14. you alright fam? you look a bit hot.

  15. carla gomez schreef:

    2+2 is 4 minus one is 3 quick math

  16. carla gomez schreef:

    "HOP OUT THE 4 DOR WITH A 44 IT WAS 1 2 3 AND 4" FIRE?????

  17. Mr. Bre schreef:

    My heart when I drink 5 Red Bull's.

  18. Kittipaw schreef:

    The fact that the guy at 2:01 used water on an electrical fire proves he never paid attention in fire safety class.

  19. Doctor Deimiah schreef:

    This video for real gopniki only

  20. Dakaria Prince schreef:

    I actually thought my phone froze ???

  21. Andre Smith schreef:

    bruh it froze and I refreshed the page LOL

  22. Fancy Manticore schreef:

    i see you shivering and that. Don't get shook. Man's Here, You're protected-ed

  23. Careless Gecko schreef:

    I'm still wondering how this became a meme

  24. Caleb Blaze schreef:

    the man's hot hot guys. REMEMBER that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The27gamers schreef:

    Da ting goes skrrat Papa kak kak skidi di kak kak and a poom poom poom skyatt

  26. Alex Derus schreef:

    paused to google uckers. was not disappointed

  27. Doodoo Meat schreef:

    Everyone should sub to this guy just for posting this

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