Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

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Music video by Robert Palmer performing Addicted To Love. (C) 1985 The Island Def Jam Music Group



28 thoughts on “Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

  1. Robert Kelly schreef:

    Those chicks are so sexy man!!! COOL video, good artist.

  2. esa voz exepcional del fallecido en 23 de septiembre del 2003 , ROBERT PALMER UN GENIO DE LA MUSICA que sera siempre recordado

  3. Josh Hamilton schreef:

    Love the lead "guitarist"

  4. Harleykenn schreef:

    The 8o's and 90's cool?   my arse,    60's and 70's were cool no question.

  5. Skylar Black schreef:

    This video is fucking great and so is this song. RIP Robert Palmer

  6. Terry D. schreef:

    A great singer and great, fun videos. Sorry he’s gone.

  7. Omertahun schreef:

    Is this Jimmy Fallon? No Im kiddin but seriously is this Jimmy?

  8. Fabrizio Russo schreef:

    Best sexy song of all time

  9. Mark Smith schreef:

    the girls are good at playing the guitar-as dire straits would say—you should have learned to play the guitar

  10. Robby Bonfire schreef:

    would have solf a few more copies had the title been: "Addicted To Sex."

  11. Adam C ? schreef:

    This is what a conviction would have been for them.

    It's just stupid.

  12. Daniel Priestley schreef:

    Waaaaaaay too much make-up and he looks like a dwarf.

  13. Frank Alegria schreef:


  14. HyperionLord schreef:

    "You signed all… the consent forms… " (2018 version)

  15. Mike Hicks schreef:


  16. mierpaul zozo schreef:

    The drummer isn't even close to the beat of the song.

  17. John Roberts schreef:

    When this video came out, everybody's head exploded.

  18. John Cunningham schreef:

    never listen to any othe music except the '80's!

  19. Да,мля,топ!!! С юных лет помню…!!! Респект!

  20. Martin Dodds schreef:

    it's true they never quit, who could !

  21. walter spaceman schreef:

    Forever etched in my retnas. Thanks Mr. Palmer.

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