10 thoughts on “Russ – Prosper (Lyrics)

  1. Fardyn schreef:

    This was fast lol thanks btw 😀

  2. Esraa Dabbagh schreef:

    Lolol praise yo quick af, man you just made my life easier. Keep doing what you do

  3. sauceorii _ schreef:

    fuck the industry, russ all way up !

  4. lady schreef:

    Oh yes, throw all your money then a day you back to have nothing. Some people just do show too much yet never think of their future. Bad bad ones!

  5. Jovanna Pacheco schreef:

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️.

  6. My blessings counted…mmmhhmm:)

  7. AoS schreef:

    thanks 4 lyrics this is russ best song yet

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