Ruth B – First Time (Lyrics/Lyrics video)

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Ruth B.’s debut album ‘Safe Haven’ ft. “Superficial Love” & “Lost Boy” is available now!:

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15 thoughts on “Ruth B – First Time (Lyrics/Lyrics video)

  1. Rebekah marie schreef:

    <3 This song is everything, Thank you 🙂 xx

  2. IceSinging Music schreef:

    yay 2nd and 3rd one to comment

  3. Hellen Gibu schreef:

    this song is amazing

  4. destiny young schreef:

    first time im totally fine being by myself!! i am best at being alone then being with someone

  5. Rebecca Connett schreef:

    Which one of her songs is your fave? Mine is World War 3.

  6. larissa sá schreef:

    i have been crying for like almost 2 months over a guy i used to go out with and today i was so sad because he dumped me and is dating somebody else now.I was so fucking sad but when i listened to this song i got so strong and happy <3 thanks

  7. Universeum schreef:

    why are these songs my relationships 🙁 XD

  8. beautylove12 schreef:

    I havent gone through a breakup before (yet) but this song makes me so sad AND I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!!!! Lol

  9. Cami Wang schreef:

    Can u make karakoe version of it ?

  10. Kaley Hope schreef:

    lol imma mix between this song and if by chance bc like i'll always have a place for the dude but i'm also chill with him having his new girl

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