Savior’s Shadow – Blake Shelton Lyrics

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Surprise! Another mainstream artist joins the ranks of Christian artists everywhere. Blake Shelton’s latest single “Savior’s Shadow” was, according to him, inspired by a dream he had about Jesus. Take a listen, see how you feel about it, don’t judge first :). (Warning this is a country song…I know some people have an all out hatred for this genre, so I thought I would save them some pain..)

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  1. Love it I thank God everyday that I am still here since my car wreck bout 2 months ago I went about 350 ft before stopping spinning around about 4 times and turning over and over 4 times then it came to a stop I was awake the whole time.and came out with only a broken ankle. GOD BLESS

  2. I was just sent home from the Hospital 11-11-16 And I'm Living Proof that I know What it's to have A Spiritual Battle.The Most PAINful thing I've EVER ENDURED,i PRAY THAT no one NEVER hAS TO GO THROUGH WHAT i DID,GOD iS AWESOME .Here's the part I really can relate with: Though The Devil Tried To Break Me My Sweet Jesus Won't Forsake Me.I'll try to make it short,I overdosed & was comatose for 5 day & the 6th day my wife said they/Drs woke me up and she also said I was calling pretty much EVERYONE a demon,I'll tell you my friends I don't wish what I went through on my worse enemy.God Bless

  3. I think "Saviours Shadow" is the perfect song. It makes me feel close to our Saviour when I sing along. Christian music is music that allows you to talk too and praise our Lord. This song does it for me. Thank you Blake for recording it. God Bless

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