scrubs – guy love

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Guy Love is a song sung by J.D. and Turk during the sixth episode of the sixth season (“My Musical”). This song is a “declaration of love” between J.D. and Turk.

Let’s face the facts about me and you, a love unspecified
though I’m proud to call you “chocolate bear”
the crowd will always talk and stare.

I feel exactly those feelings too
and that’s why I keep them inside
‘cause this bear can’t bear the world’s disdain
and sometimes it’s easier to hide.

Than explain our guy love, that’s all it is
guy love he’s mine I’m his
there’s nothing gay about it in our eyes.

You ask me ‘bout this thing we share and he tenderly replies.
It’s guy love between two guys.
We’re closer than the average man and wife.
That’s why our matching bracelets say Turk and J.D.
You know I’ll stick by you for the rest of my life…
You’re the only man who’s ever been inside of me!
Whoa whoa! I just took out his appendix.

There’s no need, to clarify…
Oh no?
Just let it grow more and more each day.
It’s like I married my best friend.
But in a totally manly way

Let’s go!
It’s guy love, don’t compromise,
The feeling of some other guy.
Holding up your heart into the sky.

I’ll be there to care through all the lows.
I’ll be there to share the highs.
It’s guy love, between two guys.
And when I say, “I love you, Turk,”, it’s not what it implies.

It’s guy love

No hands.



25 thoughts on “scrubs – guy love

  1. alex schreef:

    i love this so much

  2. Shetasen schreef:

    Is that Emily from NCIS? Is this where she went when she died?

  3. xcaluhbration schreef:

    Men are just the ish, we even love each other better than women. Yes I don't care how that sounds.

  4. Kasey Canes schreef:


  5. Enes Calisir schreef:

    this is my first ever yt video in my favorite list lol

  6. ANGELA Merkel schreef:

    Guten Abend von Gronkh hier, was?

  7. Lygar X schreef:

    sum up the entire series in one song.

  8. - HAVANNAH - schreef:

    When These two were your ultimate friendship goals

  9. CJBerdomas schreef:

    This and Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World are the best bromances on tv.

  10. John Bradford schreef:

    RIP Donald Faison 🙁

  11. Silver Light schreef:

    663 people dont have guy love…

  12. sailor75565 schreef:

    My favorite series and sog

  13. I'm sure most people here really wanna be that girl in a the bed.

  14. Alex Della Gatta schreef:

    This video is maybe the oldest and the most beautiful on YouTube

  15. why do I hear chanbaek singing this ???

  16. Kaia Sharp schreef:

    This is the notifications ,text and ringtone for everyone even for people I don't like I sing!!!!!!!!obsessed with it its sooooo good.

  17. SakariWolf13 schreef:

    Wow, Donald has an amazing voice ??

  18. Kirk Hayden schreef:

    Whenever I come across this i always share this and tag my best friend <3

  19. Mrsalty101 schreef:

    Hmm. 666 dislikes. Must mean that anyone that could dislike this is EVIL!

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