Selena Gomez – Same Old Love (Audio)

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34 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – Same Old Love (Audio)

  1. coolgirlyasmin schreef:

    Am I the only one that really thinks about Blair Waldorf while listening this song? This is soo her style!

  2. Afghan Girl schreef:

    I love you Selena?????????❤❤❤❤

  3. F Justin Bieber, we don't need no men to be happy

  4. Mantu Dutta schreef:

    Awesome…beyond imagination..!

  5. Sajida Hussain schreef:

    'Same old Love' & 'Good For You' are her best songs ?

  6. I love your songs ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. sleepy cat schreef:

    liebe dieses lied ?❤? und selena gomez ❤❤ beste sängerin ❤❤??

  8. Camila Diercken schreef:

    Me lembro de quando esse vídeo aúdio foi lançado e eu vim correndo escutar. Eu fiquei tão feliz! Mal podia esperar pelo Revival, hinário que ainda viria. E agora estou eu de novo aqui, tentando controlar a ansiedade para o lançamento de Wolves. A espera é um saco, mas a Selena nunca me decepcionou. ♡

  9. Ethan Maskie schreef:

    Who's watching this in 2017?

  10. Victoria Schnur schreef:

    It's true I'm sick of that same old love

  11. Aerica Mcewen schreef:

    I dance this and i sing i love this song my high reacerd is on just dance is12079 can you guys beat it

  12. Nur Derin Sevin schreef:

    Onu coooook seviyorum basarilarinin devamini istiyorum

  13. Minha fã te adorooo vc é 1.00000000000.000000000000.000000000 vc merece muitos likes e inscritos ????❤???????

  14. subhasis ghosh schreef:

    Autotune queen ? ???
    Otherwise sounds like shit.. ??
    Autotune level – 100000000….%

  15. tysh schreef:

    wait what

  16. I dont get how people hate her or dislike her voice and say she cant sing, tbh I find her voice quite pleasing!

  17. Xx_Kske_xXHD schreef:

    It kinda sound like Havana by Camilla Cabelo

  18. Stefan Stoyanoff schreef:

    Тази малка мексиканка (или каквато там) започва да ме впечатлява напоследък..

  19. DuksiTheAwesome schreef:

    Suck it, JB! Or Zedd! Idk but I hate both their music. This however is Selena’s best song to date and the second best song of 2015. It would be number one if Adele didn’t exist

  20. Şevval Acar schreef:

    this song's entry looks like a havana song

  21. ❤️❤️?❤️???❤️❤️❤️❤️?????????

  22. HeyitsNataly Msp schreef:

    2018 anyone I’m early but yeah anyone ?❤️

  23. Kia Brown schreef:

    Super hot sexy perfect Selena and perfect song so perfect obviously

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