SharaX – Darker Darker Yet Monster (Original Lyrics)【Melt】

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wow I actually wrote lyrics how crazy is that (with the help of guessjake)
there are typos everywhere don’t kill me – I’m gonna leave the right lyrics here

Shattered into tiny pieces
Fallen into failed creations
Space and time will show no mercy
All of them forgot about me

River person, sans, papyrus
all my followers seem helpless
Everyone remembers nothing
speaking words only in wingdings

Blue and orange are
The colours of my
Biggest mistake that
No longer knows me

My life was cut short
removed me from timelines
but i’m still— (listening)

the darkest entry
the seventeenth is
darker yet darker
it keeps expanding

Photon readings all
Came out negative
The light’s own call is
Just a narrative

Dark and darker
darker and darker yet
dark darker yet darker
dark darker yet darker

Dark and darker
darker and darker yet
dark darker yet darker
dark yet—
“its not a game”

“Have you ever thought about a
world that’s simply a replica
Functioning is fine with out you
you don’t need to exist do you?”

“An umbrella? It’s not raining
noticing such trivial things
makes me feel a little better
please don’t think about—

Without a trace
Shattered across time and space

Should you
Still be talking
It’s rude to talk
about someone who’s listening

Who is the new
Royal Scientist
Do you think that she’ll
One day Disappear

Good job, big mistake
Alphys, just give up now
Turn back, don’t look behind
You don’t know what’s ahead

(“How can you speak without fear)

Success, something that
You know you’ll never feel
Trust me, I’m helping you
Honest, I’m being real

(You hold a piece of me there”)

I’ve made some big mistakes
Fatal, if I may say
Your choice, proceed or not
Future is of dismay

I will always be right here, I’m listening
Beware all the things you are saying

up next: deja vu

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23 thoughts on “SharaX – Darker Darker Yet Monster (Original Lyrics)【Melt】

  1. I have a feeling that Melt has the "purr"fect voice for Frisk. :3

  2. Kid Bardock schreef:

    First thing in my playlist…:P

  3. Powerline Chime schreef:

    Your probably gonna get about 2 million views in a while-

    Just from me.

  4. YunaiMations schreef:


  5. You amazing And lyricis so perfect. You Is cool

  6. anonim Doge schreef:

    wow you only have 7.7k subs, that very weird,you should have like 7.90 m subs

  7. Terri Robinson schreef:

    sees the title oh. I'll watch this.

    watches it OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

  8. Excuse me. What the hell? It's so fabulous!

  9. Oriana Johnson schreef:

    boi this is creepy af…in an awesome way

  10. Quirky Lottie schreef:

    0:45 kinda sounds like gabe the dog

  11. Rachel Rapp schreef:

    I agree! You have an amazing voice! I wish I could ask you to use this song in an animation, but I don't have any equipment and I don't have skills to upload anything really!

  12. Rachel Rapp schreef:

    Also, Gaster must rrreeeaalllyy not like talking about what happened to him. He made 10 accounts just to dislike this 🙂

  13. Flowey Fan Club schreef:

    THERE TO GOOD!!! (I love your videos so much!)

  14. Pegasus Plays schreef:

    This is such a awesome song!!! I think the replay button is dead…

  15. Lightning Bolt schreef:

    This fits handplates gaster perfectly especially the line Blue and orange are the colours of the biggest mistake that no longer knows me

  16. Samantha Espada schreef:

    Nice song it was so good and it was so cool I LOVE this song

  17. Mach UPB schreef:

    I've got goosebumps listening to this. So good!

  18. masen delongis schreef:


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