Sheppard – Geronimo (Lyrics)

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Debut album ‘BOMBS AWAY’ out July 11 in Aus & NZ.

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Directed by: Peej Phillips
A Coalition United Visual.

Can you feel it? / Now it’s coming back /
We can steal it / If we bridge this gap / I can see you
Through the curtains of the waterfall

When I lost it / Yeah you held my hand
But I tossed it / Didn’t understand / You were waiting
As I dove into the waterfall

So say Geronimo…
Can you feel my love
Bombs away / bombs away / bombs away
Can you feel my love
Bombs away / bombs away / bombs away

Well we rushed it / Moving way too fast
That we crushed it / But it’s in the past / We can make this leap
Through the curtains of the waterfall

Well I’m just a boy with a broken toy all lost and coy
So it’s here I stand as a broken man but I’ve found my friend
Now I’m falling down through the crashing sound
And you’ve come around and you rushed to me
And it set us free so I fall to my knees
At the curtains of the waterfall



38 thoughts on “Sheppard – Geronimo (Lyrics)

  1. Daisy AJ schreef:

    999.999999% Geromino
    1.11111111% Other words

  2. I can't understand why the most of lyrics videos are so slow when music is rushing!!!

  3. this reminds me of 11th doctor everytime i hear

  4. Ivy Phan schreef:

    Arggggh this song is stuck in my head?But Its a gud thingSay Geronimo say Geronimo

  5. Devlyn Pedersen schreef:

    god dammit everytime i listen to this song i think of my ship i made up…GOD DAMMIT OMFG LET ME GO SHIPPING GOD!!!

  6. File 13 schreef:

    Hmm. I just clicked this without looking, and now all I'm thinking is, "If this doesn't explain my book, I don't really know what does."

    Ah, serendipity XD I love it!

  7. Immortal Valor schreef:

    You know the creator put alot work on a lyric video when they put lyrics in the description

  8. Zoe Moore schreef:

    Honestly, this was on my recommendations list – and yet I watched a children's movie with this song in it with my family a week prior to finding this song . . .

  9. WiresTheRoboWolf schreef:

    OH. MY. GOD. I haven't heard this in so long! I literally teared up and sang along to this while the nostalgia hit me as hard as a train. Amazing memories and an amazing song.

  10. Incrediblex HD schreef:

    Every time I hear this song I have to stop what I'm doing and dance along ( anyone else met them ) it was amazing they said I was pretty no jk lol?

  11. ArcticBoom schreef:

    Well I'm gonna try making an original meme

  12. caleb dahle schreef:

    this song was playing on the test speakers at walmart so I googled it and here I am

  13. Who else is here cause of Girl Meets World

  14. Carter Gonzalez schreef:

    GERONIMOOOOO!!!!!!! pulls out a Sonic Screwdriver.

  15. Amy Nguyen schreef:

    Here because I CLICKED ON IT!!!

  16. Arian Dunehew schreef:

    Is it just me or does it seem like this song is about jumping off a cliff

  17. Ashely Yu schreef:

    I admit it, I came here because it said Geromino and I am a Matt Smith fangirl AND a Whovian so….

  18. Amelka P schreef:

    This is my favourite song.

  19. Me Myself schreef:

    ( • ~ •)
    / >❤️¿Want My Heart?
    ( • – •)
    ❤️< No! My Heart!
    ( • w •)
    / >❤️ Just Kidding You Can Have My Heart.
    ( -_ -)
    / >❤️ But don't break it.
    ( •,-•,)
    ?< No! You broke my Heart!!

  20. LeReddit XD schreef:

    This song described me taking exams I didn't studied… XD

  21. ricky s schreef:

    This is what I picture fighter pilots playing when they are dropping bombs

  22. I did sang this song for my winter performance

  23. bobbi kamp schreef:

    Heard this on pandora, fell in love with it at first hearing 😀

  24. Julie Ann schreef:

    Geronimo Punzalan where you at ?? ??

  25. PrettyMuchLily schreef:

    IF YOU SAY DOCTOR WHO SUCKS (Okay actually when 11th doctor ended it sucked) I WILL FIND YOU AND KICK YOU

  26. God this song brings back so many memories ?

  27. This song? Is not??? Three years old?????

  28. Ollie Q schreef:

    This is so amazing. They played thisin church once and that day was so awesome. So many amazing memories XD

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