Short Love Story ♥ Me & You

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We watch an entire relationship unfold from a single vantage point—that of an overhead view of a guys bedroom.

‘Alan Watts audio’




32 thoughts on “Short Love Story ♥ Me & You

  1. Shivam Tupone schreef:

    Will it all end like that one day ? ? .. Loving someone who loves you back..Is the best thing ever ❤.. but it all just temporary happiness ? ?

  2. Freckle schreef:

    this is AMAZING! really good job!

  3. Dank Potatoes schreef:

    Turn the lights turn the lights down lowww…

  4. Neha Sharma schreef:

    that man did not changed his underwear in the full show

  5. EChis33 schreef:

    Hmm.. i believe the Right person is the person who will bring out the best in us. He/she will make us want to do better in life, whether in career, health, or even character wise. it is showed that this couple did not tidy the room – isnt a healthy living. Hope theres a second part tat shows how much they grew up, improved in life & perhaps, got back together?

  6. Sidharth Sethy schreef:

    Love is good and last moment is not good love is very funny I love it

  7. Dear Cybelle schreef:

    The whole story of being in a relationship…

  8. Amit Rajput schreef:

    Always clean your room boy's

  9. nima rameshan schreef:

    They both messed it up they could have just cleaned their stuff and start over

  10. GalaxyTree 6 schreef:

    If Sexs i click bait im sorry

  11. I don't like the end! Give them a second chance if they were really in love!

  12. Emma George schreef:

    Girl: Do u even want to be with me forever?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Do u even like me?
    Boy: No
    Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
    Boy: No
    She heard enough and was hurt… She walked away with tears in her eyes
    The boy grabbed her arm
    Boy: Your not pretty…you're beautiful
    Boy: I don't want to be with u forever…I need to be with u forever
    Boy: I dont like u…I love u
    Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away……I would die if u walked away.
    Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
    Girl: I will…
    *Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they loves u
    *Something good will happen to u at 1-4pm
    *Tomorrow it could be anywhere!!!
    *Get ready for the shock of your life!
    *If u don't post this to 5 other comments… You will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

  13. Serly Avt schreef:

    Soo.. the guy was a tidy person, but it didnt last untill the girl came. Girl is the mess-maker one. ??

  14. natalie bini schreef:

    I don't get how two people who really, truly love each other, can end it.
    Yeah billion of reasons of curse,, true damn love, how?
    How does their love not conquer?
    Im in a relationships for 3 years now, I love him to the bones.
    So does he..we've gone through so much breakdowns, and so much "almost" breaking up
    But I can never really believe it, it always seems fiction to me not being with him
    Everything is empty without him

  15. My name is schreef:

    Hey there 🙂
    Im a french girl and i love your story this is really well done and i have a question: what's the name of the music please? I really enjoyed it thank you for this masterpiece ☺️

  16. rmy. 007 schreef:

    In the end of the story i was so sad because of the damn messy room. I was so angry about these young people, who decided it would be better to end up this relationship. But why?? They were so cute together! Can’t believe it , I’m sorry ?

  17. Kendra Mc Tailor schreef:

    I'm in love with this video ❤️

  18. Aaliyah Jackson schreef:

    The whole time I was thinking about were they gonna clean there room LMAO ?

  19. Skullfish 05 schreef:

    it went like this
    holding hands
    making out

    very nice. that's the way to do it! ????????

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