Shy Sings◆Like Snowflakes{Original Lyrics}【Undertale】

Hedley – Love Again (Brokedown / Audio)
augustus 1, 2017
Jeremy Zucker – Talk Is Overrated (Lyric Video) ft. blackbear
augustus 2, 2017
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Thank you so much for 26K+ Subscribers!! That’s a pretty big number tbh, Im very alarmed at the fact that that many people like my singing 😛
But thank you.

This is like the biggest project I’ve done. It has taken me a little over half a year to do this video, and I sang the cover a year before that xD
but ah well, it’s done!

ps…please don’t spam me with “Chara isn’t evil!” cause that’s a theory/opinion and I respect it, of course, but I also have my own theories and opinions and they just don’t line up with that im sorry xD

You’re gonna wanna follow along with the vid to understand any words cause it’s very everywhere. I mean thats the point. But yes. Enjoy!!

p.s., there are references to my Snowy lyrics in there too :3

◆Cover Credits◆
✖Lyrics: ShySiesta
✖Image(s): ShySiesta
✖Instrumentals: Ace Waters
✖Vocals: ShySiesta

You (bye..)
You’ve got dust coating your blade. (someplace new…)
It is harsh, the silence you’ve made, ( now you…)
as you count all those you have slayed… ( CONTINUE… )

Say… (Hey,)
Your lack of reaction is odd. ( there friend, )
You could have at least gave a nod. ( shake my hand. )
Oh well, go straight through here, bud… ( call me sans… )

What? (Woah.)
I don’t know what we’re looking at. ( is this really..? )
It’s a rock, why look at that? ( I’ve finally…? )
A human! They’ll be caught, you bet! ( get ready! )

(Is this really how humans are?
Something feels off…)

Well, ( Please )
there doesn’t seem to be a cart. ( Warm your heart. )
Honestly, nothing can warm your heart. ( but you could start )
Since nothing’s here, might as well depart. ( and depart )

( He’s fled just like everyone else.
how Pathetic. )

Listen kid.
The path you are going down
is dangerous.

Listen bud.
If I were you, I’d stop
where I was.

What is it
that you are hoping to

Why is it
that you are putting us
through all this?

There’s ( See how ) [ I love ] nothing more for you to kill here. ( They run. ) [ Their cries. ] So why don’t we go over there ( How fun. )
and strike more with great fear? ( They’re done. ) [ Oh how nice. ]

Here. (If you ) [ I’d hate ] Let me give you some helpful advice. ( hurt him ) [ to have to break ] At this point, you should really think twice ( Well, kid. )
from now on about who you slice. ( I will kill you. ) [ her promise ]

There appears to be no one here.
They must have all fled in fear.
Well isn’t that good to hear?

( They may be able to hide,
but we will find them. )

Since all the residence are absent,
I’m sure it’s fine to take a few cents.
Not like they’ll really need it since…

( They won’t need it if they’re all dead… )

And during this dog after dog approached.
( kill them all… )
The end of this section is close…

“Hey. I know you can change, because I believe in you!”

Well that was truely pathetic.

You’ve made it so we cannot safely roam.
Are you even trying to go home?

You’re carving out a path down a very deadly road.

Behind you the trail of dust you make
it flows through the gentle breeze
like snowflakes…

*. . .


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