Sia – Chandelier (LYRIC VIDEO)

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Sia Selfie:

Directed by Scantron

Music video by Sia performing Chandelier. (C) 2014 Monkey Puzzle Records, under exclusive license to RCA Records.



29 thoughts on “Sia – Chandelier (LYRIC VIDEO)

  1. Emanuely Mayara schreef:

    amo assa música ????????

  2. Juan Carlos schreef:

    this is cute as fuck.

  3. ianbryant DBA schreef:

    puddles the clown brought me here.

  4. muleque neutro schreef:

    i love Sia Kate isobelle furler!!!!❤❤❤

  5. #silia GR schreef:

    Help I'm gonna reach this to 1B on my own!

  6. Peggy And Peggy schreef:

    It's Casper with a Sia wig on

  7. esse devia ser o clipe da chadelier

  8. Mocha Monster31 schreef:

    Now I wanna b a walking head and shoes??

  9. #silia GR schreef:

    Windows XP:

    No Sia was detected. Wanna run only hair.exe or try again?

    Sia: Let's run only the wig then.

  10. isabella jackson schreef:

    Patrick stump liked this video xd

  11. who came from the AGT clown show ?

  12. Kawaii Kitty schreef:

    This song is soo good I sang it at school for the talent show, my parents cried, my friends cried, even my teacher cried I cried too. Maybe cause I almost broke my neck cause i tripped and landed neck first on cement floors

  13. aria ghaznain schreef:

    crying for no reason while listening and watching this video :'(

  14. Aditya Kolte schreef:

    is she naked???

    we can see the shoes she wore…

    so her clothes should be visible too if she wore them

  15. Drug Crni schreef:

    Puddles made great cover 😀

  16. Exiled Candy schreef:

    Taking lyric videos to a different lvl

  17. Luke Booth schreef:

    Its interesting to see the shallowness some female clubbers are going through, never watched the music video till now, great peice of art.

  18. Wendy Bell schreef:

    Es lindo la musica y voy a darle tus videos lakii

  19. altaria power schreef:

    lol they most likely painted sia completely green, save for the shoes and hair but i love this song

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