Sia – Elastic Heart (lyrics)

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Lyric video for Elastic Heart, by Sia! 🙂 I find it a little hard to understand what she is saying sometimes, so may this video educate you! I DO NOT own this song!

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  1. Everyone is saying my ex broke me and that all I do is cry but, I'm over here fighting a whole army of emotions by myself. I'm still fighting, I'm still fighting and trying to win the endless battle so I can relate to this song a lot and it helps me get through all of this and have a little faith in myself. I've always had thick skin and could take anything but after the breakup I fell apart. I was strong with him then he left and all of a sudden I had no one to go to. Newsflash Cody, You didn't break me. If you want to see someone who's broken look in the mirror because with all the problems I have you have some nerve to just leave and not tell me why. You left for 5 months and come back when I'm moving on, apparently you left because I was always sad, well yeah I guess I was, both of my parents died. It makes no sense, if I was always stressed and depressed you left and put me in more depression and stress. Dick move. I'm winning this battle and you can't control how I feel anymore.

  2. Incredible Sia is the best right now everyone from Carrie Underwood to Selena Gomez. To Minaj To pink to Beyoncé even lady Gaga watch out !!!! Sia show them how it’s done!!!!

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