46 thoughts on “Sia – Helium (Lyrics)

  1. Erika Santillan schreef:

    quien mas abla español :v?

  2. Mariah Antopia schreef:

    Really love this song

  3. Kirsty Harbour schreef:

    This song gives me goosebumps ❤️

  4. It's Me schreef:

    Sia has done it again

  5. Ana Cunha schreef:

    i love this song already and i haven't even herd it before. this is awsome

  6. moonlightmooda schreef:

    i want to be someones helium

  7. Your hate weighs me down like platinum

  8. Nevaeh Coral schreef:

    Man Sia way to make the whole world cry with your amazing talent. Well done in my opinion you beat Adele.

  9. justinmtoth2 schreef:

    I have spent the last 72 hours trying to tell my friends, family and coworkers about the suicidal thoughts I have been having.

    Sia and this song… helped me start the process of talking and getting help.

  10. JasonLFC schreef:

    Breathtaking song with fantastic lyrics!!

  11. Egidio schreef:

    Thank you for posting this videooooooo! I give you a huge hug from Italy! I left a liking for youuuuu! 😀 Thanks again and in the wolf mouth for your walk in youtube! <3 <3 <3

  12. Ghadi H schreef:

    That song gives me chills

  13. Lakeisha Carroll schreef:

    Everyone can relate?(well not everone)

  14. Gareth Buckley schreef:

    I'm Alive and lifted up by Helium.Sheer Brilliance,what a beautiful soul this woman has.

  15. Vivian Silva schreef:

    tem algum brasileiro aqui?

  16. ADEB MESAWEI schreef:

    strong words,Right on target .Wow

  17. GAMING SK schreef:

    Something Beautiful 🙂

  18. Sia and Grace Vanderwaal should do a collab

  19. Yennifer Reyes schreef:

    Just imagine the pain she goes through to make these songs

  20. I’m trying but I keep falling down
    I cry out but nothing comes now
    I’m giving my all and I know peace will come
    I never wanted to need someone.

  21. 0:001:29 favorite part of the whole song

  22. All I can say is WOW this women has so much talent and a brilliant imagination!!!!!!!!!! #genius

  23. SIYAMBONGA NTOLO schreef:

    Jon Snow and Daenerys love video brought me here!

  24. We want more from periodic table 😀 Oxygen

  25. I absolutely love this song xxx

  26. what if…. you got nobody to lift you up…?

  27. Rhiannøn Nicøl schreef:

    someone please make it available on phone i beg you

  28. Brooke Patterson schreef:

    3:30 need. I love how she goes high

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