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29 thoughts on “Somebody To You – The Vamps (Lyrics) | Flighthouse

  1. Question – Chris Brown, plisss

  2. Jess Sims schreef:

    I loove this song SO much.

  3. Jess Sims schreef:

    Would it be possible to do "Rainbow" or "Hymn" By Kesha?

  4. Sophie Acford schreef:

    I love the vamps
    I love the vamps when I was younger and now I listen to there songs and cry
    I love this so much

  5. betty hernandez schreef:

    If u r reading this have a fun day

  6. Arii schreef:

    Can you do Havana by Camilla Cambello

  7. Ariyah Mack schreef:

    Can you plz do perfect by Selena Gomez

  8. Chelsea Martina schreef:

    Please do Magic by B.o.B.❣️

  9. Epsilon Taf schreef:

    OMMMGGG Thanks for posting that guys!!!!

  10. Mitchie Sandia schreef:

    Do "No Music" by Jacob Sartorius

  11. Liriverse Globe schreef:

    with which app do you make all this?????

  12. LivplayzRBLX schreef:

    Hey, could ya do 'Bad at love' by Hasley for your next YT vid?

  13. Muskaan Chopra schreef:

    Can u do all night by the vamps

  14. jenny montes schreef:

    Can you do go flex by post Malone plz plz plz

  15. Simply Savanna schreef:

    Something different by why don't we

  16. Laura Dabezt schreef:

    U earned a sub! Great work keep it up!!

  17. Anamaria Serrano schreef:

    Who? Wanted Flighthouse to post this song??

  18. Georgie Z schreef:

    I love the vamps! ❤️

  19. Marnie Robbins schreef:

    Is it bad that I like these versions better than the real ones? XD

  20. Charley Stott schreef:

    This song is perfect for a couple that date ❤️I wish I could find love and when I do this will be the song I walk down the isle with my dad and my husband looking at me in the eyes and crying with joy I just hope I meet that sole mate one day

  21. Charley Stott schreef:

    Can you please do a little mix or Olly murs song

  22. Gypsy X Darling schreef:

    My first ever concert was a few months ago I seen the the vamps when they where in Belfast ?????

  23. Marites Eguia schreef:

    Something Different by Why Don't We!

  24. Angela :/ schreef:

    Can you do they don't know about us by one directions next?

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