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43 thoughts on “Something Just Like This – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay (Lyrics) | Flighthouse

  1. Aoife McCormick schreef:

    Awesome music! Please do Rain by The Script

  2. Veronica Zamudio schreef:

    Hi sing keep your head up

  3. Sophie Acford schreef:

    I love this so much excellent video well done keep up the good work
    Keep up the good work

  4. Lea Meier schreef:

    I dont like this song but Flighthouse is sooo cool

  5. Sasha Gillim schreef:

    I love this so much jksnhsjs

  6. Girly Vloggerzzz schreef:

    Plz do uncover by zara larsson or take your time by sam hunt

  7. Aløura Cøøk schreef:

    Finally a video with no dislikes!

    I love this song ❤❤

  8. Dang Its Nile schreef:

    Now this I can read. Cuz the original video is too fast to read

  9. T-Rex Parker schreef:

    OMG i Love this song???? thank you for doing this

  10. Emi 64 schreef:

    Please do Jaded by Chase Goehring!???

  11. My Lindgren schreef:

    Please make a big time rush one!

  12. Willa schreef:

    My song suggestion is Bad at Love by Hasley ❤️ it's my favorite song atm

  13. #Cisguazzo schreef:

    I can use for my channel?

  14. Can you please do drank by ajr speed up bc I love that song and not many people know it but one the do the will love it

  15. Bélai Adri schreef:

    Ahwww this song is so perfect??

  16. Please listen to my remix The Chainsmokers – Honest (Robin Benjamin Remix) ?✌️

  17. Lulu M schreef:

    When I go to bed always listen to flighthouse

  18. Ming Lau schreef:

    Flighthouse can u do that song by logic and Alesia cara with Khalid??

  19. Try Lqzzzie schreef:

    Please do "Fly by Maddie and Tae" if you haven't yet
    Also can you do "Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra" ❤️

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