SONIC FORCES ♦ Theme of Infinite (Official Lyrics on screen)

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(Fourth try …)

Please let me know if I did something wrong (again). This would help me to improve my English and my work.

Sonic Forces – E3 Trailer

Sonic Forces – Enter Infinite

(and the remaining videos are (mostly) cutscenes of the games which are named in the end of this video)

Sonic Forces – Theme of Infinite
by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane

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  1. Yeah

    I'm the tallest of mountains
    I am the roughest of waves
    I'm the toughest of terrors
    I am the darkest of days
    I'm the last one that's standing
    Don't try to stand in my way
    Cause I've been up against better
    Just take a look at my face

    Cause if you're messing with me
    I am a dangerous weapon
    I am the sharpest of blades
    I'll cut you down in a second
    Cause I was born in this pain
    It only hurts if you let it
    So if you think you can take me
    Then you should go and forget it

    And after all this time you're back for more
    I won't stop until they know my name
    So I'll take what's mine and start this war
    I'm coming at you like a tidal wave

    When everything you know has come and gone
    (You are at your lowest, I am rising higher)
    Only stars remain all through it all
    (We'll fight in the ashes, you're losing the fire)
    When there's no one left to carry on
    (this is an illusion, open up your eyes and…)
    This pain persists, I can't resist
    But that's what it takes to be infinite

    So look around you and tell me what you really see
    I'm never ending that's the difference in you and me
    Cause when your time is up and everything is falling down
    It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?
    So look around you and tell me what you really see
    You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me
    I have the power, let me show you what it's all about
    It's only me and you, who is gonna save you now?

  2. Okay… I don't know if you will reply or view this but…
    Holy Cow! That. Was.Amazing! I haven't seen someone that dedicates days to nail down the lyrics of a song like this and improve the video. I give props to you, really. And what's more, I found the OFFCICAL LYRICS. It was uploaded In Sonic Channel… half month ago. Oh, well. aAd let me tell you that you nailed it by 99.9% I have watched your previous videos and let me tell you that you never stopped trying and I respect you for that so… If you have to reupload the video, I suggest you to highlight the four verses that apply to each one of the villains with their color: red for Zavok, blue for Metal,, a dark red maybe for Shadow and a light blue for Chaos. Here is the link to the lyrics( most part of it is in Japanese, but the lyrics I in English) I hope you can forgive me for my English!. Oh and.. continue like this! 🙂

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic and when I saw the E3 Trailer for Sonic Forces…I just can't WAIT for it to come out. And trust me, I've seen a few videos of people stating their reasons why Sonic Forces might be bad, if you didn't like the trailer, (or sonic games for that matter) don't buy it. but until the game actually comes out, you really can't judge the game. I heard that the LOZ BOTW demo really sucked, but look at how the actual game turned out. It's amazing. Plz wait until the game comes out before you go judging it by the cover. -_-'

  4. I hope they make Shadow and Metal more prominent characters in this game like he use to be. (also Shadow better have a good reason to side with Infinite… Metal's ok due to his past actions, but Shadow? I thought his story was over after Shadow The Hedgehog and his alignments were good/neutral) I don't really have much to say about Zavok and Chaos it's interesting to see them again. (Mainly Chaos tho)

  5. Tails: Woah that guy is faster then Sonic! Sonic: Oh look he is using the Phantom Ruby to teleport at extreme speeds! Btw this ain't canon don't consider this comment canon if this ever happens welp I just completely guessed. Welp goodbye.

  6. The lines "So I'll take what's mine and start this war," as well as "You live a lie and that's the difference in you and me" seems to be the ones that are closest to describing Infinite's motives. I'm thinking Infinite might be sick of humanity's crap just like Gerald and Shadow were and wants to wipe us out. Sonic's living the lie that he is protecting the innocent.

  7. This the absolute best sonic lyric video ever. Also one more thing and its a fun fact but im ok you didnt put it in the video. Where it says there is no one left to carry on it was reffering to zavoc being the last of the deadly six and i think it would be a nice addition but the video is BEAST overall

  8. Predicting him to be a woobie, destroyer of worlds/tragic villain with the song, and we know from the new trailer Eggman basically fused him with that Ruby. What I'm unsure of is, if he was actually genetically engineered by Eggman ("Born in this pain" can imply this, or if his identity as Infinite was born from the hell he'd endured), or whether he was stolen away and experimented on, as the line "only scars remain of who I was" implies.

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